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  1. Hi, I'm in the process of deciding on how to build a new bird aviary. I happen to be in possession of two metal frames which I'm planning to join together to make one bigger frame - for the aviary. Each structure is 210 cms high, 60 cms wide and 80 cms deep. I want to join them together and create one frame being eventually 210 cms high, 120 cms wide and 80 cms deep. I'm now trying to work out whether the tall structure is the way to go. I'm very much a novice at bugies and aviaries for that matter, but lately I've been seeing more and more mentions of "suspended aviaries". Therefore I am curious to know if its worth turning this aviary structure horizontal and then having it mounted on something - that would make a suspended aviary the size of either of the two below: - 210cms wide, 80 cms high, 120cms deep or - 210 cms wide, 120 cms high, 80 cms deep. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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