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  1. I have all different kinds, mostly wooden perches, so they have variety
  2. Haha thanks! Yes, it was 45 degrees!! The poor little things were struggling!
  3. Hi Flip! Well done! Seems like you're a natural! I'm new to this forum also (just signed up tonight). I'm actually new to taking care of and breeding budgies and have been successful in only taming one of my budgies from birth, her name is Peanut! I still have a lot to learn but I love it! Welcome to the site x
  4. I think that may be it. She seems very happy though and very strong and corageous as well. If she falls, she climbs right back up and chirps happily!
  5. Introducing some of my budgie clan
  6. clobells


    Thank you very much
  7. Thank you for your reply! it totally slipped my mind that they could have been previously clipped. I do remember though the pet shop lady said something about her and not being able to fly, but she was very vague about it. I can't get a picture up at the moment, but I had a proper look and her wings are rounded and extremely short.
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes! My budgie, Princess Bubblegum, can't fly. I got her from a pet shop a few weeks ago. She has very short wings and I hear her falling from her perch throughout the day. I'm wondering if this is common in some budgies, or if it is abnormal (as in a birth defect)?
  9. clobells


    Hey everyone! I'm Chloe, a new member. Not new to the site as I often come on here whenever I need to read some information to help my beautiful budgies! Always extremely helpful by the way anyways, just thought I would introduce myself and say hello!
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