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  1. okay, i am still getting used to budgie breeding and their colours. so I have a male Cobalt blue King Budgie breed with a Sky Blue normal Budgie. they bred and produced a purple male, a light aqua female and then the 3rd one was mixed yellow, green, blue and purple female. i just want to know how this is possible?? the females parents were both blue and i am unsure as to what colour the males parents were. Any help please. thank you
  2. Sorry - I have not been on for a while, I have been so busy with school and then with moving. Anyway - I hope to be on a bit more now

    1. Budgie_Mad


      Cool, look foward to seeing you on here


  3. Birdlove #2 is who I vote for. The picture is absolutely gorgeous.
  4. i am really sorry to hear about this situation i actually do suggest to put him down earlier rather than later - espaecially if he is in pain and discomfort. he will actually be more grateful to die and he would respect you more and love you still even though you put him down earlier because he wont have to keep suffering and then die in agony. it is a hard decision - yes - a very hard decision but sometimes - the hardest are always the best - really sorry to hear again - my thoughts and sympathys are with you and your budgie <3
  5. Im so sorry to hear it may be the right thing to have him put down though - as hard as it may be for you. I have had and have had friends lose much loved budgies. actually - one of my close friends lost her whole aviary of budgies in the floods that we had - she had the most beautiful colours ever anyway, if lychee starts to show signs of major discomfort - and maybe even pain - he may be giving you a sign that it is time. keep us updated on what happens. so sorry again
  6. we have both - the feed dispenser is often used from them but then it gets crowded and there may be fights and a lot of "yelling" from them. se we also put out a flat tray and that's gives the rest of them a chance to eat with the flock.
  7. yes - I agree that the first one is male and the other two are females by the way - your budgies are beautiful
  8. no the female is not related to him - she was a new female bought into the cage and then she had a partner and the partner died.
  9. no this male just stayed with the female until the babies came out - and then he left her - it is like he was fostering them - is this possible with budgies
  10. he may be curious. baby or young budgies are curious to their surroundings and the only way they can investigate is by their beaks. if he was also biting when you have food in your hand - that is a different story. it may even be a case of him trusting you. just be patient with him and im sure if you handle him well and you just keep at what you are doing - he will learn to trust you better. i wouldn't be too concerned as of yet. tame him while his is young and easy
  11. i had a pair of budgies that had a nest. the male died before the babies were due to cime out of the nest. anyway, the female was left to feed her babies alone (there were 3) another male - who already had a partner - then started feeding her and the babies. he has nothing to do with the female anymore and he is still with his other female. why did he do this? is this natural for males just to help feed the babies like this? it just confused me - thats all thanks
  12. hello welcome to this site. have fun because this is one of the best sites i have ever joined
  13. I have come to find that young budgies do that sometimes, its okay, your not doing anything wrong. just be patient and continue spending any time you can with him. are you handfeeding him?? if so, how often??
  14. yes, welcome to the forum!! I hope you enjoy yourself
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