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  1. thank you so much her left eye has cleared up now too, i was so excited when it happened. not long now until she is fully better. thank you to everyone who has helped me, this website has literally been a lifesaver.
  2. I have decided to keep her, I don't think there was ever going to be any other option - i get attached too easily. I will post some better pictures of her this afternoon so you can have a better look. -------- I am excited to show you guys the massive improvements, so i went and took a picture now. Here she is six days later, her right eye is almost completely clear, her feet are much better, her left eye, which was the worst affected part is still a little grim, but is definitely clearing up. http://i.imgur.com/dcJmVdu.jpg I am really proud of her
  3. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your compliments. It has been four days since treatment and i am already seeing major improvements. The budgie's feet are now unbound and she is climbing all over the cage, where as in the beginning it was an effort to stand on the perch without pecking at her itchy feet. Her eyes have also cleared up a little and i can see the scales that getting ready to fall off. She is also whistling a lot more and making a whole heap of cute sounds. So full recovery is looking promising.
  4. I will definitely post progress pictures. I have done a bit of research and the estimated time for a case as severe as hers they've mentioned it may take up to eight weeks to clear up, but I am patient. I agree about the previous owner, some people just shouldn't be allowed to own animals. I am glad I have the opportunity to help her though, her feathers are really vibrant and soft and she chirps a little when she hears my other birds (who are all in a separate area of the house, just in case!) so that looks promising. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Thanks guys, I went to the petstore this morning and got some avimec and applied some, i have also cut her beak and trimmed her nails, cause i was worried she wouldn't be able to eat properly. Hopefully she will recover soon.
  6. Hi, tonight my sister in law dropped off a little blue budgie she found on her doorstep. It was fretting so she caught it and brought it over to me because i own two cockatiels, a quaker and an eclectus. I willingly took it in as an animal lover, put it in a spare cage i had and upon closer inspection i noticed possible abnormalities on its little face and feet. It kind of looks like overgrowth or maybe it has been hurt? Or maybe it is nothing at all. I have provided some photos, if you have any idea what it is please let me know, I am scared of it being actually hurt. Note: the budgie