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  1. Hey guys haven't been on here for a while. But for splayed legs I use fishing swivels. Easy to put on and when its ready to come of just use side cutters. No mucking around with sponges and other stuff. Its just like putting a ring on there leg.
  2. Hi Emily sorry for your loss, you tried everything you could of done. Just about the fixing of splayed legs i use a FISHING SWIVEL you can start with them from as young as 1 week and as the get older swap it for a bigger size SWIVEL. Hope that helps.
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    Hi guys thanks for your replies. Im still new to this and dont know were to go and see my messeges or to see who has replied back to me. I was fiddling around then i saw all of u guys welcoming me. Thanks so much.
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    Hi Nadene, "DOUBLE YOLK" thats cool
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    hello everybody so happy i finally joined this awesome site.
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