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  1. I have 3 budgies about 5 months old in an aviery about 3m x 1.5m. They are quite flighty when I approach them inside the aviery . What is the best way to make them a bit more tame and maybe get on my finger in time? I have taken the breeding box out for a while.
  2. I recently purchased three budgies. A blue male & a grey hen who I believe are 6 - 8 month old and a green/yellow unsexed budgie about 5 months old. The blue & grey pair have been mating frequently. I put a nest in the aviery but she layed an egg from the perch. They have shown interest in the nest but till now have not used it. I realise that the pair are too young but was hoping she would lay a clutch and I would remove the box. I am planning on putting a second box in on the week end. - any suggestions for the pair? - any idea what sex the green/yellow budgie is and is it okay to leave it in with the pair?
  3. If I had 6-8 mixed budgies in a colony situation but did not put breeding boxes in the aviary can I assume that they would not breed till I took the chosen pairs out to put in breeding cabinets. Won't they just lay eggs on the floor?
  4. Hi Finnie. Thanks for fixing the picture and for the very detailed description of the bird I saw online and how I may get one. I have a lot to learn about genetics but I guess that is half the fun in having budgies. I have a 4m aviary which I am going to split into two and put a pair on each side. Is there actually a breeding season or do they breed when things are as they need to breed. Thanks for a great forum. :-)
  5. http://s522.beta.pho...54901e.jpg.html Can anyone identify this budgie. I would like to breed one. Can someone give me some suggestions on which birds to breed with that may result in one of these beautiful budgies. Thanks I think I fixed the photo. I can't seem to get the picture to show. I changed the size and clicked on the IMG Code. http://s522.beta.pho...54901e.jpg.html The picture is the same as my Profile Picture anyway Thanks
  6. Hi I am also new to this forum. I have joined to get advise on breeding budgies. I haven't got any budgies yet as I am still upgrading my aviary.
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