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  1. Does any one know of or can any one reccomend a breeder close to me? Thanks
  2. I called the breeder and he told me to bring him back, it was his son that sold them to me and it seems he was younger than either of us though, he is going to nurse him and call me when he is well, he has given me another budgie and a huge bag of seed because he feels bad! I just hope he pulls through, it was possibly only because his cage mate was feeding him that he hasn't lost any condition but the other bird seems to have stopped feeding him, so he started to get weak. hopefully I have handed him over to someone that know what they are doing in time for him to pull through.
  3. Hi, I got my budgies a week ago now and they seem to be settling in alright, they are chirping and eating! my concern is that one of them seems unwell, he has loose poos, it seem quiet and is generally not a lively as the other bird. I was told when I bought them that they were 9 and 10 weeks, but I am not sure, after doing some research one seems to be about 10 weeks, the other I suspect is younger. I have kept them on the same seed diet they had at the breeder, I have offered them fresh food but I removed that a couple of days ago after I noticed the upset tummy. They have been chewing on the shell grit, paper in the cage and the cuttle bone, they have also chewed on the gum tree perch, I have called my vet and he said to keep them both warm, and to keep an eye on them. Am I just being a nervous new mum?
  4. Thank you Nadene, I really want them to be happy and to thrive, it has been a long time since I have had a small bird and the last time, he was really, really young and on his own.
  5. I will also add, they seem to be sleeping in the seed bowl! They have a light cotton cover and I will arrange something heavier but is this normal, I have not had budgies since I was a kid!
  6. hi all, I bought home my budgies last sunday, they were very quiet for the first day or so but now they are more active. They are eating, chatting and will respond to me when I talk to them. One is more chatty than the other, but the chatty one seems to be bullying the other one, they were from the same source but from two different clutches, they are both supposed to be boys. One is about 10 weeks the other about 9 weeks. The chatty one, is constantly grooming or picking at the other ones face, he feeds him and he generally seems to push the other one around. The other one is quieter, he seems to be a bit puffed up most of the time and he sits with his head sort of bowed, he is also about a week younger than the other one, he doesn't seem to have any injuries and he is eating and pooing fine, he happily plays with the bell and will sit on my hand. I have called my vet and he doesn't seem to think there is much to worry about, he is an avian vet and I trust his opinion but I was wondering if this is normal behavior. Thanks Cass
  7. CasB

    My New Babies!

    Hi all, The sand paper is only in a small area of the cage, they have perches at either end and they seem to enjoy flying between them, where the picture was taken was in the climb and chew area! When I find my big camera i will take some photos to give you a better idea. they are still very quiet and they dont seem to be eating a lot, they are eating but not like my tiel did, but then they only have little tummies so I guess they are eating enough. They have seed in a bowl and millet, I will give them some broccoli this afternoon! Thanks
  8. now I just need to find names for them?
  9. CasB

    Opinions Please

    it looks very much like this, only this one doesn't have the play gym or porch installed, my husband is still putting them together!
  10. hi all, I bought a cage, I think it is a good size for what I want but I have had some conflicting advice and I was wondering what everyone thinks! The cage i bought is 65 cm long, 45 cm high and 45 cm deep, inside measurements, it also has a front porch and a play gym on top! I would like to house 2 male budgies together in it, will this be enough space and can 2 male budgies bought at the same time from the same place be happy housed in this size? I dont have the birds yet, I still need to fit out the interior with some branches and toys etc! Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks in advance
  11. I am only new here but I spent some time yesterday researching the right sort of cage, the size and shape etc. Then last night I visited a couple of pet shops, looking at prices etc, while I was in the central market pet shop, they sold a budgie in a tiny cage, the cage was about 30cm x 30cm by about 20cm wide, what I would consider a travel cage! but they said the bird would be fine, that there was plenty of space for it. There was no food or water containers or room for toys! this makes me so sad, the poor little bird was bought by a student who possibly hasn't done any research and it could barely turn around let alone stretch it's wing! Suffice to say they will not be getting any of my business!
  12. CasB

    New To Budgies

    Thanks Nadine, I love your signature!
  13. CasB

    New To Budgies

    Hi everyone, I am new here, I had budgies when I was a child but haven't had one since. I recently lost my cockatiel, he was almost 23 when he died and I was devastated. I am considering getting a couple of budgies as pets, I don't want to breed them but I would like to tame them. When I got my cockatiel he was 3 days out of the egg, it was a huge amount of work and I loved every minute of it, I really dont have the time to do that again but I can offer my birds a home where they will be home for less than 20 hours a week alone. I am also starting from scratch, so they will have the best cage, food and toys! I want 2 so they can keep each other company and I would prefer boys! EDIT : I should also add, I live and work in the CBD of Adelaide! Thanks Cas
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