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  1. HI Trefto, yes thats what I was told but I wanted to be sure, thank you very much for the answer
  2. I was told that my chicks are grey greywing opaline sf spangles. But I want to be sure. This is dad Vargs Demantur by Elma_Ben, on Flickr Vargs Jasper og Vargs Demantur by Elma_Ben, on Flickr This is mom Nóa by Elma_Ben, on Flickr I will only post picture of one chick as the other one is the same color Vargs Jolene by Elma_Ben, on Flickr Vargs Jolene by Elma_Ben, on Flickr
  3. Here are two of my violets Sky by Elma_Ben, on Flickr Nóa by Elma_Ben, on Flickr
  4. some dilute spangles have no black color also if spangle are combined with opaline.
  5. I was looking at my all white chick with the plum eyes and she is getting cinnamon spangle markings on the wings! very very pretty
  6. Hi all!! I have a six months old budgie, Demantur (Diamond) breed by me. I think he is opaline dilute grey sf spangle. AM I correct? baby picture Vargs Demantur by Elma_Ben, on Flickr picture from today! Vargs Demantur by Elma_Ben, on Flickr Vargs Demantur by Elma_Ben, on Flickr his siblings Vargs by Elma_Ben, on Flickr light green dilute sf spange? and if he is dilute, then both parents must carrie it because its rec mutation. Right? His dad is DF spangle (split dilute) and his mom is normal Grey (split dilute?) here is his grandfather what color is he and what mutation (I know he is split opaline and he is sf spangle) Sesar by Elma_Ben, on Flickr can you see if he is dilute?
  7. Looks like a cinnamon on my screen and yes, Ino birds can mask (hide) any mutation. So mom must be masking sf spangle. If only dad is opaline then the opaline chicks are all girls.
  8. Hi Robyn!! Thanks! yes, I know what sex linked is I have been breeding zebra finches since 2009 and there is also a sex linked mutations there, dom and rec. But I am still learning all the budgie stuff, I think its even harder than the zebras! Fallows have red eyes but cinnamons have plum eyes. I am very excited as this is my first cinnamon chicks I was checking the nestbox and they are so cute The oldest is gonna be very pretty white/sky blue rec pied, with black markings on the wings. new pics soon but here are pics of the parents Röskva að borða kál by Elma_Ben, on Flickr mom Akkiles og Hulk by Elma_Ben, on Flickr dad (the white one)
  9. Thank you alot!! I have been reading and reading all day about mutations! Then this is my first cinnamon and its a girl! There is also a change she will be sf spangle like her dad. and rec pied! She is gonna be beautiful! Yes, the white one is adorable, I call him/her, Angel most likely a girl, she also have plum eyes but her photos dont show it well! Then she is also a cinnamon:)
  10. Closeup picture of the two chicks for comparision Vargs ungar nr 3 og 4 undan Akkiles og Röskvu by Elma_Ben, on Flickr you can see the chick to the right have brown colored pin feathers and plum eyes but the other chick have black eyes and blue pinnies. What mutaion causes brown pinnies? I dont know if my birds are carring cinnamon or not, they dont show it. This is their first clutch. I can post pics of the parents if needed.
  11. he is soo cute! the first I thought of was melanin, some chicks are born like this (I have not seen this much before though) but it will molt away when older.
  12. Hi all!! I know they are young, but what do you experts say about the possible mutations? mom is rec pied opaline sky blue dad is rec pied opaline sky blue sf spangle what I have read the babies will all be rec pieds, all sky blue all opaline and 50& of them will be sf spangles. But one of the babies is not sky blue? he is white with reddish eyes and brownish markings here he is whith his blue sibling Vargs ungar undan Akkiles og Röskvu, nr 3 og 4 by Elma_Ben, on Flickr the chick in question is the baby to the right you can see the other one is blue Vargs ungar by Elma_Ben, on Flickr the chick in question is the baby to the right you can see the other one is blue Vargs ungar by Elma_Ben, on Flickr all white baby with black eyes Vargs ungar by Elma_Ben, on Flickr and the oldest one, white with some markings thank you all and happy new year!!
  13. Hi all I have a beautiful lutino budgie. I know they can be very difficult to determind sex but I hope you can help me! He/she is around 7 weeks old. Vargs Frigg Sóley by Elma_Ben, on Flickr another picture when he/she was younger vargs by Elma_Ben, on Flickr
  14. Thanks Robyn! My skyblue opaline spangle female and my grey green spangle male have chicks close to hatching! Very exciting! I also got very pretty skyblue opaline dominant pied female today
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