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  1. Hi there and welcome to the Forum
  2. Greetings... It is good to have you on board. There a lot to learn, questions to ask... It will be interesting to learn how you do things in Brazil, as it will be for you to learn how we do it in Australia... Welcome to the Forum
  3. Hi there Katina, One of the best sources of seeding grasses is literally right at your finger tips... The seed that you feed your budgie, especially the various millet seeds is the easiest and most readily available type of grass seed. If you only have a couple of birds you can easily grow it in a pot, but for some of us, or maybe just me, have a whole garden bed dedicated to growing weeds, grass seeds etc for our birds. What I often do is just empty the dishes from the cages into a pot of soil or patch of garden and let nature takes its course and it will soon grow Hope that helps... Tim
  4. Yeah, it's hard when there requirements are so different as well, diet, housing... Etc... The Bourke's are a nice bird, a lot of people are breeding them now that the licensing requirements have changed. A lot of pretty colour mutations as well, but sadly the normal wild type has disappeared from a lot of collections... Good luck with them though, I believe Budgies are a good teacher when looking to branch out to other birds. I'll be looking to breed Lineolated parrots in the future so I'm looking at refreshing the basics with Budgies.
  5. I currently only keep the Mighty Zebra Finch I am currently breeding the Alumina mutation...
  6. Thanks for the welcome... I currently breed and show African Lovebirds. Peachface, Fischers and Nyasa lovebirds. I am currently working on building up numbers of the Lutino Nyasa, which was first bred here in Australia, but then the numbers shrunk to only a handful of breeders. I also breed Aussie Finches and Asiatic Parrots, Indian Ringnecks and Plumhead Parrots. I will be scalling down the number of different spiecies I keep to only the Nyasa's and Budgies. My main interest in the World of Budgies will be the Australian Dominant Pied. A dream I kind of have is to Breed them in Violet and maybe Yellow face Violet. Cheers, Tim
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy some second hand show cages. Any quantity and any condition... I manage a transport company so I'm happy to collect from pretty much anywhere in NSW, ACT, VIC or QLD... I don't mind if they aren't in the best condition as I'm happy the paint them etc... Cheers, Tim
  8. Hi Mike, I'm only new here myself... Good to see a fellow AFFer on here mate Cheers, Tim
  9. Hi Everyone, Just joined up yesterday and thought I had better introduce myself. I'm an ex breeder of Budgies, but currently breed quite a number of other birds... I'll start breeding budgies again this year so I thought I might join up and get involved with the online community as well as joining my local club. My main interest will be in some of the "rare breeds", with my main focus on Pieds... Cheers, Tim
  10. Hi Hamish, Just wondering if you still have the show cages available? Cheers, Tim
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