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  1. Hi, Sorry I haven't replied in a while, uni has been full on :/ I have a few days over Easter so will get photos then, but it seems like they are already growing their feathers back
  2. No, it is fine, I am just glad they will be fine I will make sure they are fit enough before they go into the aviary, they will be good additions as they are still beautiful birds
  3. Okay, as I have read some stuff that says they won't ever fly? Can the chicks be housed with the other birds too, as in, in an aviary set up? I will move them away from the other chicks with the father to another area, but when they are older? I will get pictures soon Thank you both for the help
  4. The worst has happened, all four chicks have french moult, after further research I am sure it is the disease and I am devestated :/ Now I am unsure what to do :/ I have done my own research but the advice I have gotten on here has been the best so I would like to know what I should do, with the chicks and parents? I have thought I could give them all away to a good home, the chicks and the parents to someone who does not breed, would this need to be done with the male or just the hen? What about the chicks in my other nest, will they be okay? I am at a loss, especially with my first chicks, however I do not wish to be down forever and would really appreciate any advice you could give, even if it is to say that I am over reacting. Thank you
  5. Thanks, it will be a surprise Pair 1--update Mum started pulling out the two eldest chicks tail feathers and wing. I noticed a few feathers in the nest box but then they all left, I thought this may be the case so removed the nest box in case she was wanting to lay again. I thought it could also be french moult so I was worried Today I saw her chasing the eldest and started pulling on the feather! I was horrified :/ I removed her straight away and am leaving Dad with them until they finish weaning, any advice? Has any one had this? How long until the feathers grow back? Thanks! Pair 4-- update Now have a fifth chick
  6. Pair 1-- update All chicks have left the nest box All look beautiful and have started trying the seed Pair 3-- update The two chicks are growing well. I think that the eldest may be a double factor spangle, yellow, what does everyone think? The wings are all yellow, no shades of other colours The youngest chick, is it a yellow or a white based? Pair 4-- update Have four chicks
  7. What is everyone's experiences with weaning, how old are they usually? How can you help the chicks with this? Thanks!
  8. Pair 4- update Third chick hatched today Pair 1-- update Oldest chick has left the nest box Placed a box in the cage so that it can sleep in an enclosed area at night Already eating some endive
  9. Thank you, I am so proud of them Especially as my first chicks ) Now I can't wait to see how my other little pinkies feather up, from my other two pairs :3
  10. Hi, welcome, you have come to the right place! I just started breeding myself and the people and information on this forum is amazing
  11. I have some more photos! I will do an update on all the other nests first though Pair 2-- update All eggs were infertile, she would never get off them so it was hard to check, but as they hadn't hatched by now I assumed so...today I managed to check and all looked infertile. I removed them all and double checked, all infertile...sad! I removed both birds from the breeding cage, I am going to rest them and try again in the Spring, maybe they need to mature a bit more, both were 1 year, but maybe need a little more time Pair 3--update Have two beautiful chicks, the first has just started opening its eyes. Another chick should hatch in the next few days. Out of the eight eggs I expect only three Pair 4-- update Ended up having 6 eggs (the 7th broke) The first hatched this morning, cute :3 The next will not hatch until about four days due to the broken egg being the second, fingers crossed Pair 1-- the chicks!! I will put up photos and write the mutations we believe they are Chick 1 Mutations- Yellow face mutant II, Cinnamon, opaline Its belly has colour now, it is very light, any ideas? Chick 2 Mutations- yellowface mutant II, greywing cinnamon, skyblue Chick 3 Mutations- yellow face mutant II, opaline, cinnamon, cobalt Chick 4 Mutations- greywing cinnamon, goldenface? , cobalt?
  12. I think you are right, I was looking at chick 1 today and it is definitely an opaline, it's belly is a nice light colour now, not white but a blue grey type thing, I will try and get photos today (off all of them as well) I think that you and Finnie are right with the greywing cinnamon theory, they did have the plum eyes, but the wings are definitely grey
  13. The youngest has now gotten some more feathers and to me it looks cinnamon I will get some photos as soon as possible! Haha, yeah I suppose
  14. Thanks for the help I remember that they all had similar eyes, with the reddish tinge when they first opened, but I may be mistaken on the second chick, if it is a greywing. Greywing is recessive so the hen would need to carry this trait too, wow! If it is a greywing, then these birds carry so many hidden surprises haha - especially the cock (as I have an opaline chick too!) I thought chick 1 might be goldenface as it was so bright at the start, but it must have just been the pin feathers, as it has lightened up Why is it that this bird is all yellow but the others have body colour (blue) with the yellow face? Is this a combo thing or is this just a case of an "individual" looks different? Is it how if they carry two of these genes the colour is less diffused through the body? Or something else? Pair 3-- update Now have a second chick
  15. Pair 1-- update The chicks growth progress and their colours Chick 1 Is mostly all yellow, no blue, what do you guys think of this, can goldenface do this? Chick 2 Very light wing markings, light blue body colour Chick 3 Has beautiful wings, what is this where the body colour shows up through the wings, I can only find that opaline can do this? Chick 4 Still growing, but has a yellow/golden face and light blue/greeny body colour Some overall questions ?? Are all chicks cinnamon? Can any one see anything else in them? How do they look?
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