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  1. Thanks Birdlove. I always thought that was the whole point of having the mirror was to have a 'friend' for a single caged budgie. My last budgie Leo (was just him in the cage) loved his mirror and chatted to it all day. He would hold onto it with his left foot to make sure it stood still and listened to what he was saying! lol Whenever I removed it to clean it he'd go berserk at me but as soon as I put it back he happily chatted to it again. I guess just because they like something doesn't necessarily mean it's good for them. Seems Budgies all have their own personalities and behave differently per bird. I never did actually watch him sleep but guessed they just sat on a perch.
  2. Thanks Robyn. Oops I know they are safe that's why I added it - but I neglected to say so, sorry. I wasn't actually asking if it was. Perhaps I posted this in the wrong place as it was just meant as a general chat. There is no delete button for me to be able to remove it myself. Regards Helen xo
  3. Hey there, After much research I have decided to use sand flooring (includes grit too) in my new aviary as its much better for bacteria, easy to scoop up the poop etc but, i was wondering.... can I scatter some gum leaves, small twigs etc across the floor too? When people say budgies forage?? what is that exactly??? do they spend much time on an aviary floor??? Is that what is meant by the foraging like what chooks do when they are scratching around? Excuse my ignorance from this newbie. I'm not concerned about extra leaves/twigs being more work, it will give me something to do. :-) Many thanks Helen
  4. Apparently budgies like these trees too and we have some just down the road growing at the Police Station... I wonder if they'd mind me pinching some branches!! ;p http://grevilleas.com.au/speciesg.html Cheers Helen xo
  5. Hey all, Doh! I didn't realise they were the same tree!! lol I don't have a large enough yard to grow these (I could try keeping one in a pot for the aviary) but luckily our whole street is lined with a variety of gum trees and I'm sure several of this particular type there. Peppermint/Willow Myrtle Gum Tree http://davesgarden.c...owimage/172222/ Cheers Helen xo
  6. Heletia


    I just found this fab Aussie site with loads of pics and info... I don't have anywhere to grow a huge tree so will have to keep mine in pots. http://www.gardeningwithangus.com.au/plants??option=com_plant&view=plant&genus=Melaleuca Enjoy! Helen xo
  7. Hey all, I've read that Budgies 'like' boston ferns. okay so silly question (newbie here) so what does like actually mean... what do they do to/with them?? Would I hang one down from the roof of the aviary or leave them in pots on the floor?? Do they eat them or just play/forage in them??? Boston Fern http://tinypic.com/r/mwr1jn/6 Many thanks Helen xo
  8. Oh! Gosh! I thought they loved mirrors and i've seen many budgies chatting to them but that's only in cages by themselves. okay, no worries so they will be stimulated enough with each other and the other toys?? Ah okay thanks for the tip on those huts too. Silly question... where will the budgies sleep??? Sitting on the perch/branch in the open or will they snuggle/nestle in the tree?? That's why i was wondering if I needed to put 2 trees in with 2 or 4 budgies. Is it necessary for me to add a box (not a nesting one) an open fronted small one with only a perch for them to sleep on?? would they feel safe having one of those boxes or is it not necessary?? I was going to put a couple of boston ferns on the bottom tray... and try to regularly prune the Bottle Brush tree so its branchy but tall, so maybe i will put a grevillea in too then. Any suggestions re shrubs & trees gratefully accepted. :-) Its hard to tell judging by photos and not actually having the aviary itself to work with yet. It might be bigger than I think! lol Cheers Helen xo
  9. Hey all, I found the answers I was looking for so I'm on the way now. Dolomite (lime) isn't needed when using sand as its for soil to kill off any worms as the sand is mainly anti-bacterial there shouldn't be any worms, especially if I worm the budgies 3 monthly. Plus its so much easier to scoop out the portions poop regularly and not have to change the whole flooring. I will be able to get bulk sand from my local Landscaper - Murray River Sand which is ideal as it contains grit. I am onto our local sheet meal company to get the flooring tray made. I am in a block of 12 units at the bottom middle left. I have the perfect enclosed area off my bedroom that leads out to the courtyard. Its far too hot to put the aviary right at the back against the fence where it would be unprotected. This spot will be perfect. http://tinypic.com/r/23gzl0p/6 This is to the left where the Aviary will be placed once its all cleaned out - check out the peeking cat! lol Chelsie is 17 years old and has bad arthritis in her hind legs and isn't interested in anything any more except sleeping! She was fine when I had Leo inside in a cage a couple of years ago, but she may get jealous and 'WANT' to sleep up on the top but if she some how managers to get up there - shes won't be able to get back down! lol Unless she figured out she could slide down the side which will probably be too painful so I think she may only try it the once. http://tinypic.com/r/2ytpd8m/6 This is the shade cloth blind I have so if it gets over hot or windy or rains I can lower it for even more protection. http://tinypic.com/r/4ktcf5/6 I have designed a plan on paper of what I want inside and have realized NOT to clutter it, so the birds have room to move about. Ive also figured out the best places to have perches/branches from front to back and one on an angle and NOT across so it wont restrict their flight path downwards. PLANTS: I was intending to place 2 bushes one each side but Now I think think one will suffice. I will put it on the left hand side as the door is on the right and it will be a native Bottle-Brush. I will also grow a couple of Grevilleas in a pot so I can change them every few days to give the birds a change. I am lucky in this street we have a whole row of Eucalyptus trees so no shortage of perches there. I thought perhaps a nice rock or two for decoration on the floor. I am hoping with the door being on the right when I go in the birds might stay in the bush area on the left so they cant fly out. FOOD: Not sure yet whether to put in a shelf for the food and water or just use the stainless steel bowls to the mesh and have a perch in front of them. Thought it best to keep it away from the tree (main pooping area) and have them over to the right on the front of the aviary, to the left of the door. TOYS: I have been looking at some people's photos to see what the birds actually play with and see that the Sisal Bungee looks popular. I will probably get a ladder and a perhaps a couple of those triangle shapes 'beds' they may like to sleep in and of course mirrors. HOW MANY?: I was only considering 2 male budgies but have been told with that size I could easily have 4. I am concerned about the noise factor at night. Other tenants have birds inside in cages so they wont mind them during the day, but as the bedrooms are all along side mine, if the birds are to noisy they wont be impressed. I will attach a curtain at the top corners and use that at night, so hopefully they will remain quiet. Its just that at 4:00am all the neighborhood go off and my budgies might want to join in! lol So.. all I have to do now is sit back and save! lol Cheers, Helen xo
  10. Heletia

    "bird" Sand

    Thank Jenny. :-)
  11. Heletia

    "bird" Sand

    Hello, I'm getting a new avary/shed that will be outside in a courtyard standing on bricks, but right beside my bedroom door so I wont be able to use high pressure water to clean a concrete slab so I will need to get a tray made. I have been reading loads of forums and alot of people say sand is great as a flooring as its very easy to sift out the droppings, deosn't smell and the birds like it the main point is it won't grow/harbor bacteria... :-)... but I cannot find any here around Brisbane in a large quantity. 1. Is 'Bird' Sand a mix of normal sand and grit? 2. So, I could buy some sand from a landscaper (childrens play sand as its sterilized) and mix in some grit? would that = proper Bird Sand??? 3. Also would I need to place a layer of Dolomite (Lime) UNDER the sand?? I would appreciate any advice about the sand. Many thanks Helen xo
  12. Hi, thanks for the welcome. No problem I'm sure someone might be able to help . Cheers Helen xo
  13. * Topic ERROR: Should have read 'Your Newest Member', sorry about that.* Hello everyone, It's been a couple of years since my last budgie Leo passed away and felt it was time to get some more. I really hate seeing birds stuck in small cages and made the decision to start saving for a proper aviary to have happy birds, and decided on getting only 2 male budgies or 2 lovebirds, so they have plenty of room to move around. I am in a unit block, downstairs, and have a courtyard off my bedroom. Its well protected from the weather where they will get filtered sunlight and fresh air. I finally cleaned out all the rubbish and found it was the perfect size for an aviary/shed 1.52m x 078 Deep ZAA1508IFIC so I cant wait to get one. I've spent days researching the net on budgies, food, plants, toxic/safe, health issues and toys etc. The avairy/shed will be on bricks so I am going to need a floor and I see most people have a concrete slab but as its right by my bedroom I WONT be able to use a hose to clean it. I was considering either sand or.... Catlux Clumping Cat LItter - its soft, sawdust and supposed to be natural and is flushable. I have been using it for my cat for years and she loves it. It says on the pack not for chooks but wondered it if would be okay? I'd appreciate any thoughts/advice on this. Or else I will have to use sand. Also is it sufficieint for me to get a aluminium/metal 'tray' made as a flooring rather than concrete?? Then I can put the Dolomite and Sand on the top of that??? I want to do this right and not rush in and make any mistakes.... but I am soooo excited & want it all TODAY!! lol. Cheers, Helen xo
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