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  1. So it was male after all. What do you mean "out of condition"? Not in good health? Do you agree the new one is a female? In any case the new bird is adjusting in its own cage for the time being. It is very lively and jumping around all the time. After two days she went into the nest by herself. Seems to like it in there. What's interesting is that while she is another room, the two males in the other cage get along okay. If I bring her cage close to them, the white dominant male chases and attacks the other one constantly and fiercely. Impressive...
  2. This one is a very nice and very young girl looks like. I have her in her own cage for now with the two males in another cage close by. She is still adjusting but seems to be doing fine. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks to all for the help and the tips.
  3. So, with a heavy heart, because he was such a nice-tempered bird, I returned him to the store before I get too attached to him! I got a new one, and I think this time it is a girl. Here it is. I am pretty sure it is very young and it looks to also have a very nice temper. Sat on my finger easily, looks like it is adjusting, the others definitely gave it a better reception than the previous one. What do you think? I have to leave now, but I will keep an eye on them and let you know what happens. Many thanks.
  4. Thanks robyn, I did look through all those posts you mentioned but I am still in doubt. I too am inclined to think it is a boy, though. As for the quarantine, you are correct but, unfortunately, I am under quite some time pressure to decide whether keeping him or not, since I am traveling with the birds to another city in a couple hours.
  5. Thanks Phoebes for your help, but the mystery still remains. Any expert can jump in on this one and help me please? I would hate to return it, as it is such a lovely bird, but I do need a female and I only have about half a day left to ponder on this (Moving tomorrow with the budgies to another town so if I keep it, male or female, I ll have to stick with it).
  6. Hello friends, I have two wonderful male budgies but wanted to get some female company for one of them. I went to the store yesterday and chose one beautiful young budgie. The pet employee (who seemed quite old and experienced) assured me it was a female, even though I had a few doubts. When I went home and put it close to the other two males, it looks like both of them are rejecting it. First of all they isolate it in the cage, meaning that they never go near it and look indifferent to it. If the newcomer approaches any of the two males they typically attack it with their beaks and push it away. This behavior seems not normal to me, considering that in previous encounters with females, both males were flirting immediately and were very accepting. So after all, maybe the new one is a guy and not a gal? Or do they just need time to adjust to the new family member? Any help greatly appreciated. Here are some pictures.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I can keep him in a separate cage but the new pair would still have to be in the same room. Will this create problems?
  8. Thank you Jenny, I realized a couple of the links were broken. I have fixed them now :-) So the white one is a male huh? How were you able to tell? I guess it would be a problem to put two males with one female in the same cage now... Glad I found this forum. Thanks again for your answer. Konstantinos
  9. Hello all, I found this forum searching on the internet and I am glad I did because it seems to have just about all sorts of info on budgies and budgie-mating, which is what I am after. Four years ago we purchased two budgies, a green-yellow one and a whitish-blue. The green-yellow was definitely a boy but we thought the white-blue was female. I am questioning this assumption now. The whitish budgie got eventually very hostile with the green-yellow, which we found dead one morning. The white budgie is a very intelligent and very temperamental bird. Rarely scared of me at all, very bossy, playful and extremely loud. We then bought two new budgies (4-8 months old) (a boy and a hen again) to try the mating process again. I put them in their own cage, then about 2-3 days later put the white budgie with them. The idea was that now I would have two females with one male and that the new couple would somehow intimidate and calm down the white budgie. What I noticed is that the white budgie immediately dominated the cage once again, started befriending the female new budgie, but once again, was extremely hostile with the new male budgie. This made me suspicious that all those years we were wrong about its sex and that there was a possibility that the white one was a male after all. I am posting this message and the following pictures, hoping that the more experienced budgie breeders will be able to help me verify my budgie's sex. Thank you all in advance. Konstantine Here are some pics of the white dominating budgie with undefined sex http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white1.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white2.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white3.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white4.jpg http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/white5.JPG Here are some pics of the new male (I think) budgie. http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale1.JPG http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale2.JPG http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale3.JPG http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newMale4.JPG And finally, one picture of the new female budgie: http://www.geospatial.gr/parrots/newFemale.JPG
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