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  1. We purchased our budgie from a pet store and the first few weeks, things were great. We interacted with him multiple times a day, we trained him to be on our hands and even shoulders and he responded well to "up" commands. Within a couple of weeks I noticed his behavior was off. I had a budgie as a child and I knew that they shouldn't stay puffed up as often as ours was. I called a few vets before I found one to see Chevy and he diagnosed him with a respitory infection (and figured we got him sick and just didnt know it). We had to catch him twice daily to give him antibiotics via syringe. Its possible that the early training went so well because Chevy was under the weather, but the weeks of 2x daily meds took their toll and he started biting us hard. I figured once he realized we were done with meds and follow up vet visits for awhile he would come around but that hasnt been the case. I talk to him all the time and we let him out to fly regularly, and he will come right to our hand but immediately starts biting and a few times has drawn blood. The bird I had a child would bite if we cornered her in the cage, but if we waited for her to come out on her own, then she was good (and even picked up a few words & whistles). I am just bummed that so far my kids are not having the same kind of relationship with Chevy as I did with Sara. I am honestly not sure how to start again because the biting is nearly constant even if you dont react to it, he will just keep biting.
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