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  1. Hi Kev, their cere is still light with a distinct white ring around the nostril. Rio has been sold along with her ? two Lutino sister hens. We have kept the other YF Green maybe to breed with next year. We still think she is a hen. Sherlock
  2. I think you may be right Robyn, cock snuggled in the corner and hen next to him, keep us posted as they develop. We have 3 from 7 eggs with 3 dead in shell and 1 not fertile, looks like all hens, 2 greens & 1 Lutino .. we just can't seem to get boys !!
  3. Hi Jimmy, So glad you got JJ back. We know what it is like when that happens and you do find your bird again, happened with our hand reared Cockatiel a few months ago, even though he had one wing clipped it was growing back and he just took off from my shoulder and just kept getting elevation to disappear out of sight with a huge crow after him but we found him 4 backyards down. I think others more experienced may have to help you with this one for JJ. We are starting to look at our chicks from week one and recording what they look like and what sex we think they are to fine tune sexing from a young age. We'll see how we go over time. Hi Jimmy, Here is a picture of a baby recessive pied male from F.A.Q. Sexing Budgies, in this variety the cere will remain pink in the cock birds There should be no white ring around the nostril or nare, is there on JJ or not ?.
  4. Struck out with the other large pet store not selling cage fronts ... guess I will just have to keep looking
  5. Hi paulie & Robyn, I contacted the seller of the budgie cage fronts with external supports for the nest box and they are out of stock & can’t source any at present. Pet Barn in Coffs don’t sell cage fronts at all. I have another large Pet Shop in Coffs I’ll try tomorrow.
  6. Thanks paulie & Robyn The ‘Cage Front Gal /Small Door 600 x 370’ looks like just like what Daz had and what I am after, I will contact them for exact sizes as they suggest as I am going to make my own
  7. Yum, yum We've just got some of the seed feeders in your photo, work great with budgies, but a disaster with canaries who just keep picking through for the ‘best’ seeds and empty the glass jar in no time at all !! Our 4 young hens are in a nursery cage also & are very flighty and bossy with each other !
  8. Thanks Jimmy, nice photo of JJ. If you got JJ about mid April & they were 6-8 weeks old that puts them close to 6 months old, with what looks to me to be a white ring around the nostrils or nare, I’m staying with my original pick as a hen for JJ ... but ! A photo from directly in front showing both nostrils/nares would be better.
  9. L__J, did you ever make those cage fronts ? I’ve been looking for ones Daz had on a Post he did on making breeding cabinet making where he had the nest box suspended off the front of the cage wire front, these were made by a Gatton breeder. Have not found any like these.
  10. I recall reading one of the site’s administrators not putting too much into the size/shape of the cere to pick sex. I’ve gone with some white around the nare which is clearer to pick up on first bird, not so with 3rd one. Jimmy do you have any other photo’s front on with budgie one & three ?
  11. Hi Jimmy, girl, boy, girl, nice birds
  12. Our Spangle Opaline grey hen produced 3 (2 survived) albino hens approx. 11 months ago, one I gave my sister who they named Milkshake and Milkshake now talks, Milkshake resides within a covered in rear veranda next to a Cockatiel named Spot and Spot's owner says 'hello Spot' everyday & Milkshake now says 'hello Spot'. Milkshake's sister, Hedwig which we kept is not talking. We now have Snow a 4 month old albino hen from the same Spangle Opaline grey hen inside next to our 11 month old Cockatiel, Cinnamon, who is wolf whistling and starting to say 'hello' and beeps like the microwave etc, so we are hoping things might rub off on Snow. We would like to get a nice size albino cock to pair with Hedwig (who is a nice size hen @ 11 mths) next year to get some albino boys.
  13. Sherlock

    Full Sell Out

    Hi Daz, I have only been on the Forum for about 8 months, but going through old Posts it is very clear you have left your mark as many others have with lots of great information and advice, thanks heaps and enjoy the next journey life is taking you. In your breeding cabinets making Post you have wire cage fronts that hold the nest box on the outside, did you purchase these ? and if so where ?. I really like the idea of the 10"(250mm) deep nest boxes to keep the young chicks in longer and have not seen any this deep so will have a crack at making these. thanks again Sherlock
  14. Do post some pics off offspring robyn for all to see ... I now have a few articles to read about genetics, just need some rainy weather to keep me indoors ! thanks paulie, great links, I have my reading sorted for a while, many thanks
  15. also check out this link on the Basics of Genetics (for budgies) http://www.geocities.ws/Petsburgh/4333/genetics.html
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