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  1. Can't wait till the breeding season, not to breed but to see more people here.

    1. Budgie_Mad


      I know what you mean, I haven't seen many on for ages.

    2. Pebble


      Im going to breed my birds again after summer ends. I will try to put on a post about it so there is something to chat about :)

    3. Phoebes
  2. The first one does have the tip of it's wings grey, I wonder if Emerald and Charlie could have babies like this. She is Normal type and he is Greywing?
  3. I'm not good at mutations but looks like you are feeding them stickaroos.
  4. She is very beautiful I love the sea foam green colored budgies.
  5. Thanks my birds are just normal because here we can't get show birds. I love them though and find them beautiful.
  6. Unfortunately it's true that many owners seem to come back from the vet and say their birds are on antibiotics then that they are dead. This really worries me and I hope I never have to go through this. Antibiotics are very strong my husband just got off a course of them. He had a sore throat. I didn't go to the doctor and anyways the medication was counter indicated for cardiac patients. Nine times out of ten medication is counter indicated for me anyways. These antibiotics say that they can do permanent heart damage. It doesn't seem worth treating a sore throat to get heart damage.
  7. I only have indoor budgies but welcome to the forum. It's too cold where I live to keep them outside. (Quebec, Canada)
  8. This page seems to be well explained. http://www.officialb...legenetics1.htm It explains about all the mutations. I'll try to read further to find info about lutino. I couldn't find info on lutinos on the page. What do you think a dark factor does?
  9. I haven't learned much about the genetics. Not that I wouldn't like to learn it's just all so complicated. Hope you get an answer soon.
  10. She might be wary of the box for a while, how long has it been there?
  11. I bet you have a couple more pinkies today!
  12. These are the most gorgeous pics. Wow, I'm flabbergasted.
  13. Would love to see pics of the new pinkies.
  14. Your Very lucky if your Vet will make any kind of arrangement with you. All the vets I know can only think of ways to make the bill as big as possible and all want cash right away.
  15. Amazing story. I know how fast those little guys can be. Lets hope they all stay put next time.
  16. I'm rather new at this compared to some of the breeders here. Birds decline fast though when they are sick because as many people have said before they hide illness so as not to be picked on. When they look ill, they are too tired to hide it anymore and are far gone. You got some pretty good advice here so I'll leave it at that. Sorry about your loss, it is heartbreaking.
  17. Very interesting I will look into adding an element like this. I did have a part of a tree that I cooked and hollowed a bit but it attracted too much attention for nesting. It was supposed to be decoration so I put it on a shelf and haven't been using it. Also it did not have bark on it. Bark falls off and messes up the room.
  18. Thanks rachelm I have changed it up now. I took that cage apart and might use the parts to make a door for my bird room. I am not really good with woodworking but may be able to get help from my son in law. They bought a house and he is a very handy guy. He really works hard though so I don't want to pressure him. I was thinking of using the bottom of the cage on a wall to put perches and toys. It would be good for photography. I will paint my room soon and then post the new look.