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  1. Hi Forum I am looking for some advice on my Budgies growth that has got bigger since seeing the vet. My Budgie got tangled in some cotton which was cutting in to her so had to get her to the vets as she would not allow me to go anywhere near her to remove it. Whilst at the vets i noticed some sort of growth on the bottom of her back and pointed this out to the vet, She advised that it didnt look like anything serious and maybe something to do with age as she is 10 Years old. Today whilst mist washing her i noticed that the growth had got much bigger and gone from being pink scaly lumps in to big growth with looks little green. I have uploaded some pictures of this growth in hope somebody could tell me what it is or had a similar experience I will be taking her back to the vet as soon as i can preferably a different vet! Thank You Birde
  2. Hi, Thank you all so much for your replys. The pictures aint that good quality as taken on my phone. Here are some more pictures i have taken today with a camera just cant get the light in the room but hope you can make more of it from these pictures. I have had my bird tweety for over 8 years never had one single problem with her/him but this scab has been there for months sometimes there will hardly be anything there and sometimes there's a lot or it looks like it has swollen. This is the first time half of it as dropped off in the left side as you can see from the pictures it was pinky color yesterday when it dropped off but today its looking pretty normal but i am just concerned that there's one half there and one half gone. She is very cheerful and can not spot any signs off ill health and every time i walk in to the room she jumps off her perch and on to the side of the cage bars for a kiss and hangs upside down for a kiss Will take her/him to the vet on Friday just to be on the safe side. Here are the new pictures i have uploaded Again thank you in advance for your advice.
  3. Hi Everyone, My budgie has some scab over his/her nostrils half of it has fallen off. But the half that still remains is covering the nostril hole and i am abit concerned that it could be something more serious. I really would liike to know if anybody else has come across this before and what it is or whats causing it. Here are some pictures i took Thank You in Advance.
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