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  1. Crikey, seems a lot of mutations within her, if that's the correct thing to say? Her throat spots are a beige/brown. She's yet to have her first moult. I don't know if that will affect any of her colouring?
  2. Thanks for your views. I was having so much trouble identifying her colours. I only went in to the pet shop to buy some plants for my fish tank, and fell in love with her. I had been thinking of getting Chaos a companion though, for a while. I think he's smitten. quite funny when he sits next to her and starts his chattering - kiss kiss chaos, tickle, good boy. he does mutter a lot of things, but as my hearing's not great, it's hard to make some things out. Sue
  3. Hoping these are much better. Sweety seems to have a tiny splash of blue on the back of her neck.
  4. many thanks for your replies. I had a feeling Chaos was greywing. I will try photos again later today, my resizing didn't work that great.
  5. Hi, I have had Chaos for 18 months, and have recently purchased Sweety. I was trying to find out what varieties they were, but have got so confused over all the different sites. Hope you may be able to help. Many thanks
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