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  1. It is divided into two sections- the rosellas have one half and the budgies will have the other.
  2. It definitely wasn't weaned. It yells and yells and flys at the sides of the cage to get to you for food. I solved the sleepy problem. His cage is in my dining room. My kids are afraid of the dark and insist on having that light on because it shines into all their rooms. I had the cage covered but I guess it wasn't dark enough. Last night I moved the cage to a dark room and still covered it, and today he looks great. He makes noises and flaps his wings (he hasn't really flown yet) and perches etc
  3. As a kid I had an aviary and they bred as a colony just fine, and so did my auntie- in fact, hers was packed with birds. Way more than I would ever have and she rarely had problems. My daughter tried the same thing with just a few pairs and there was constant carnage. I figured maybe budgies had changed the rules
  4. I'd be thrilled if it was a male. He's so friendly at the moment and has no fear at all. He's very snugly and loves to run up my sons sleeve.
  5. My son would like to breed budgies. We have an aviary that is 2.2 x 1.6mt. I know colony breeding is a bad idea, but I've also read that they won't breed if there is only one pair. Is it enough that the adjoining aviary has a pair of rosellas? Or would 2 pairs in an aviary that size be okay?
  6. Can someone please help me with the gender of our new budgie? It is fully feathered but not weaned. Also, what would its colour be called?
  7. I was given a baby budgie who I was told was eating plenty of seed but also receiving one formula feed a day. I was told he/she would be right without the formula feed. We had it for 2 days and It started to get sleepy and begging for food and had an empty crop. I got some formula and it absolutely gorged itself. I have given it a formula feed today at 11am and then at about 5pm and its crop emptied in between. It does preen itself, but seems to sleep for 95% of the day. Is this okay? How often should I feed it? I was thinking of feeding it when it had an empty crop at least until it was more active? It is fully feathered.
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