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    Aviculture, agriculture, horses, animals in general, country music, playing guitar, singing, song-writing, animal training.
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About Me

Basically I'm a bit of an animal fanatic. I currently own four budgies and a cat, and am currently watching my own little Australian Kelpie grow up; she's 4 weeks old now, another four until she's mine! I'm also bringing a conure home in about ten weeks time.


I'm quite new to the bird world, really. I have owned them since I was 8 years old, but I have only taken true interest in them over the past two years and am just beginning to further my knowledge, hence why I am here. I'm collecting as much information as I can so that I know as much as my brain can absorb about birds! Usually, I would consider myself a dog person. I've been raised around staffordshire bull terriers and began to train dogs when I was around ten years old, though I was constantly around the other dogs when I was younger. I trained my first dog entirely by myself at 11 (a staffie who I wished to compete in agility or obedience classes, but my parents wouldn't allow me. I know, strange choice of breed for agility, but it would have been for fun - he loved to weave, jump and run through tunnels. He adored his sport), and trained a kelpie x border collie in 2011 (he was then sold on to a farmer who completed the dog's working training, as I didn't have the facilities). I also work with many friends of mine, assisting in ridding of or diveting negative behaviours in their pets. My aim is to eventually become a working (herding) dog trainer and breeder (and possibly a dog or animal trainer in general), and this career begins with my little kelpie who I will be training to (hopefully) compete in yard trials. I am studying agriculture at college along with my secondary studies (having completed year 11 this year). I also adore horses and wish to own and perhaps train stock horses in the future. Birds are sort of a side project - as you can tell, I adore working with intelligent animals, and this is why parrots particularly fascinate me; they are SO smart!


I feel that I sit on the same wave-length as animals - I would much prefer to be around them than people. If I'm not around them, I am studying about them online or in text books, or at least thinking about ways to improve their lives. I'm a bit 'strange' according to modern society, due to this passion, but that's okay with me. :)

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