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  1. thats so cool so glad I have came here to check the forums you are a lucky guy to have a rare occurance like this.
  2. L__J

    Hi, I'm Brax

    hey welcome to the board I am in Tasmania great place for breeding birds, we breed them tough down here. Haven't heard of any breeders around here having any disease problems, you get scaly mite and mites thats about it.
  3. Caught my escaped budgie after 3 nights on the run. he kept coming back at 1.30 to his sisters and brothers that had since moved to a new cage the smart bird. caught him between cage and protective netting after i rigged it up so he had no escape when I caught him. woo happy my record for escaping budgies is clean again.

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    2. mysixbabies


      so glad for you. I know the elation that comes with getting one back from the 'wild'!!! awesome going!


    3. Aquafroste


      I never experienced that before...It must be scary O.O

    4. L__J


      his gone again but this time to a family as pet lol

  4. he/she has Normal markings.. not sure on the colors you are seeing.. Can we see pictures of the parents might provide some more information to us.
  5. its a Normal that hasn't got all its feathers...
  6. I should probably reword this all. My club has only got a Green Normal class. Well its got Normal(Green), I thought it would just be all colors of normals for a Normal Class. there is no Normal(grey), Normal(blue) classes for some reason.
  7. I am really confused why my Normal Grey's can't go under Normal category. I always thought Normal was wild type markings but any color bird could enter it.
  8. In my club its Normal (green)... I thought Normal would be your greys and blues.
  9. I that green in the wing tips is is usual. I think I have one of these in my nest-boxes at the moment I will check.
  10. L__J

    New Aviary

    this will be up there with Dazza's bird room lol
  11. someone bought me out of all my young budgies. not sure if I should be worried or happy. he also bought cocktiles from a lady my club about 14..

    1. Budgie_Mad


      Alot of breeders are hesitant to sell large majorities at once, especially if they dont know the person. But it could just be that they have decided tobreed for the first time and need a few.

    2. L__J


      he came a long way about 4 hours and he was from the capital city..

      He had also bought 9 more budgies from someone else and 6 of mine.

      19 cockatiels from a lady from my club.


      Its just weird I have heard they have had a bad breeding season down south..

    3. Budgie_Mad


      Yeah, it is weird.

  12. See you Tilly and Sonic you are going to a good aviary with lots of budgies hope you make friends.

  13. Thanks guys.. These budgies have been bought and the person is going to breed them next year. Hopefully I see his results ..
  14. You are right there is Spangles and Cinnamon in this nestbox as well as yf ino's Got some really nice purple colors.. Still not sure if that top one is spangle isn't there meant to be black in the wings?
  15. L__J

    Pink Budgies

    You can't get Albino Purple DF spangle. You can only get White DF spangle and Yellow DF Spangle. Example of White DF spangle Yellow DF Spangle You can only get in the ino genetics, Albino(White + red eyes), Lutino(Yellow + red eyes), YF Ino(Yellow face + red eyes) As they say on UFO forums pics or it didn't happen also what I think you might have is a fallow they have red eyes I believe.
  16. The Hen is yf ino. I have so far 5 ino chicks from her. all had red eyes when born. others in the nest box had black eyes. I have a DF spangle inside, so can rule out her being a DF spangle lol.
  17. Parents are YF Albino Hen X YF Greywing Opaline Cock Someone take a guess? Heres its sibbling which I think is a grey wing.
  18. I love our Aussie christmas the kids can go out and try there RC cars. Love the lights Paulie I am going to Ballarat again next year, you are close aren't you?
  19. Sold 7 budgies yesterday now I don't need to stop breeding like I was going too.

    1. Dave_McMinn


      Good news, as long as you are not constantly breeding the same birds


    2. L__J


      Nope some are resting and the ones that want to breed are breeding.


      Hopefully will have more breeding cabinets setup next year so can stop colony breeding.

  20. Have you got your aviary setup at the new place?
  21. yeah I think you are right. I was waiting for some pieds to show up. I think they have the band across their chests.
  22. These lot have 2 chicks Not sure what this chick is anyone wanna have a shot the other one is like it as well
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