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  1. I went to the pet shop today to buy the solution and described the condition of my bird to the lady. She said it was best to wait and see if it got any worse because she thought it wouldn't be scaly face mite as the beak was not affected. I bought it anyway just incase and got home and put some on the area, and I noticed there was some small lumps just like the one next to his eye around his mouth under all the feathers. I'm glad I just bought it instead of listening to her
  2. Thank you for the reply! Do you know whereabouts you can buy ivermectin? I have a bird mite and lice spray but I'm not sure if it is the same thing? Cheers
  3. Hey everyone! A few days ago I noticed that my budgie has developed a small lump next to his eye. I've tried to inspect what it could be, at first I thought it was just a small feather as he had been malting a bit lately but when I took this photo and zoomed in on it I could see it definitely wasn't. Does anyone know what it could be? And if so is there anything I can do to treat it? Greatly appreciated
  4. No he hasn't had a moult yet, which I thought that he might have by now. He seems to have some sort of dislike for these wing feathers he pulled out another one last night (one that was clipped) :S and was trying to pull out his only remaining long wing feather again but I managed to stop him
  5. Hello, yes he has pulled the longest ones out of both sides, he hasn't pulled out any other feathers on his body or elsewhere though. I had a closer look and I can't see any lumps where they have been pulled out just a tiny bit of dried blood. He is a little bit timid but myself and my partner spend a lot of time with him whenever we are home. We put him outside as much as possible to talk to the wild birds. He has a few toys but only seems interested in his mirror and he is really attatched to his cage. We try to get him out to run around the house but he makes a b line straight for it. Your point about him thinking they shouldn't be there is interesting though
  6. Hey all, I just have a question because I am a little bit concerned about my budgie. I purchased him almost 3 months ago, he was around 8 weeks old at the time. We went to a renown bird breeder and asked the man to clip his wings for us. He clipped both wings and I noticed he was a little rough when he did it and I don't think the scissors were very sharp, I was a little scared because when I got my first budgie they only clipped one side of his wing and it was not as close as this man had done. A few weeks ago the feathers started growning back and I was relieved, however now my budgie keeps pulling the same ones (the primary flight feathers right on the end) out everytime they reach a certain length, he has done it 3 times now and I have observed that they have blood on the tip and look a bit damaged. Does anyone know what could be wrong or is this normal? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help me sex my budgie for me. I've had snowy for about 2 months now, when I got my bird from the breeder he said he/she was about 9 weeks old. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks the cere has been peeling to reveal the blue colour. Thanks in advance for the help
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