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  1. Hi all, I have set up 4 cages with breeding pairs, 2 of whom have successfully bred before. They have been paired for 6 weeks now but I haven't got an egg! It has been quite hot here and I thought that might be a reason but it has cooled down for a couple of weeks now and still no luck. Should I put them back in the aviary and try again later?
  2. Hi all, I have a green and yellow dad and a yellow mum. Their babies are 2 yellow and green and 2 white and blue. Is this common? I thought they would only produce yellow and green. It is their second clutch and they have been separated from the aviary since well before the first clutch. I have attached photos. Thanks, Babychat Parents Babies
  3. Hi all, I live in Canberra, Australia and am wondering when the new breeding season starts. I have seen my budgies mating but don't want to put them in with breeding boxes if it is too cold for the babies to survive. When do others start again? thanks, Babychat
  4. Hi, I have a young budgie that I have taken from my aviary and am keeping inside as a pet. He is eating loose seed from my hand but will not eat anything else. I have tried apple, lettuce, endive, carrot, even millet(he has tried the millet but has not come back to it). I have tried holding it in my hand while he is eating the loose seed, I have pegged it to the side of the cage and left it on the floor of the cage. He is just not interested. Any ideas?? Thanks, Tracey
  5. Hi all, Here are 4 beautiful budgies I have bred. They are all from the same parents, can anyone tell me what type/sex they are? (I know you can't see the white ones cere, I will try and get a better photo) Thanks
  6. Hi BJ, I have been trying to follow your taming suggestions. I am working with a very young budgie, 2 weeks out of the nest. He is cracking seed by himself but he doesn't seem to realise that there are other types of food, ie millet spray, fruit, etc. He shows no interest at all even if I peg it to the cage and leave it there. I have tried putting the loose seed in the palm of my hand and getting him to eat that way but he is still not interested. If I put the seed on the floor of the cage he is straight there eating it. I am worried about starving him. Is he too young or do I just need to perservere with him? Thanks for such a detailed guideline, hopefully I can get it to work! :-) Babychat
  7. Hi Hilly, thanks for that. Can you tell me what you are looking at that helped you decide that? Me too Birdlove. I have 2 female yellows, one an ino(red eyes) and one a clear wing(black eyes) (I think that is the correct terminology).
  8. Hi all, can anyone tell me the sex of these babies? They are 5 weeks old. Are the photos good enough? Also, the blue one that has the black marks on its beak and cere, is that a normal thing to happen? I've never seen it before, (but I'm not very experienced!) thanks.
  9. Hi all, I finally have baby budgies!! Yay!!! The first one hatched on the 13th April, then 14th April, 17th April and 19th April. There is 1 more egg to go. My question is about #4. When I checked it this morning it was fine, very little compared to the others but alive and squawking with food in its crop. When I looked in this evening it was dead, looked a bit squished. Would the bigger babies have squished it? If so is there something I can do to stop that from happening. I still have 1 egg to go and don't want the same thing to happen. Thanks for any advice, Tracey
  10. Congrats! Waiting for my first, hopeful long and I'll be joining you!! Tracey
  11. Hi Robyn, They are in a cage by themselves. I am a bit nervous about handling the eggs to mark them. This is the first clutch I have ever had so am very, very new to it. I guess I will get more confidence as I go! What sort of felt pen do you use? I keep reading non toxic but how do I know which ones are non toxic? Thanks, Tracey
  12. I have a question relating to this too. I have a hen who has been sitting on eggs but they are all infertile so I have removed them. I have her in a breeding cage with her mate but she has now gone out of condition as well. Should I return them to the aviary or leave them in the cage? Thanks, Tracey
  13. Hi Jenny, She had six eggs 2 weeks ago, then a big break and started laying again. I'm guessing the old eggs are infertile but I now don't know which ones are which. Vargur, I have candled them but they all look the same to me. If I understand correctly I won't see anything in the new eggs until 5-10 days, so I don't want to risk throwing out the wrong ones. She has laid another one so that is 3 new and 6 old. I guess I just leave them all in there for now. Tracey
  14. Hi all, I have a hen sitting on 6 eggs for about 2 weeks now, three days ago she starting laying again, she now has 8 in there. Although I have read lots I have no personal experience as this is the first clutch I have had. I can't tell whether the others are fertile or not so don't want to remove them. Any suggestions? Tracey
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