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  1. Hey everyone Last week, I was given this little fella (for my son): When we got him, he had his flights and tail feathers, but they were extremely scruffy and the bad condition of the flights seemed to hinder his flying. Now I don't know if he's plucked them or if they've just fallen out, but he has no flight or tail feathers, and can't fly. My question is, is it French moult? Or would the feather damage have been parent/other budgie inflicted? (He's also missing part of one of his back toes) Thanks in advance
  2. So a couple of months ago I got these little fellas: There was NO yellow AT ALL in their faces. Pure white. But now they're going through their first moult and this is what they're looking like now: See the yellow? (the pics don't really do it justice) At first I thought it might've been something Charlie had been eating as he was the first to show it, and then Alpha started getting yellow bits and now they're both getting yellower and yellower. And you can see that the pin feathers coming through are yellowish too. So I'm more than a little surprised! What mutation is this? Is it type I or II YF or something else?
  3. Actually ignore - Echo's too bitey to be a tame pet I think - especially with little kids. And I might separate her from her boyfriend anyway as she's being a moody, mean budgie to him. Think budgie PMS
  4. So I'm finally making some progress with taming Echo (my hen) - she now jumps onto my hand within 30-60 sec of me putting it in the cage, chirps at me and will play with my hair through the bars. She quite happily will eat from my hand. She seems quite enthusiastic. Her boyfriend, however, won't do anymore than give my arm a tentative peck before running away. It's weird timing for her to change her mind about being friendly - I'm going to be getting a baby budgie in a couple of weeks with the intention of taming it, cos I had given up on her ever liking me. :/ I'm just wondering, where do I go from here? Do I seperate them and work purely on Echo? Will her boys reluctance effect her? They're quite bonded, but I'm not even going to consider breeding until next year - cos I think she's too pretty not to give her a go. But if and when that happens, will breeding her undo any progress? Or do I leave her with her boyfriend and just be friends with her, and get the young budgie to be our tame pet? Thanks
  5. My hen has been showing off her vent (bent low over perch, tail up) to her boyfriend, and I've noticed it's been pulsating? Is this a normal thing? She's otherwise healthy, and I haven't given them a nesting box (and won't at least until mid next year). I'm guessing it's her just wanting to get her freak on but I just thought I'd check.
  6. Hey guys Just after a bit of help This is Echo (sky violet dom pied) and Bravo (spangle) (excuse the relatively bad quality photos) Couple of questions -estimates of how old they are? I know it's a little tricky to see their irises, but I've tried my best especially want a guess-timate of Echo's age, as Bravo seems older (I got them from a pet shop that told me they were very young - before I knew better!). They've obviously already been through their first moult, and now they're starting their second. -is Bravo a mauve? he seems to have more and more grey showing up which has made me unsure. This is Charlie. His bigger, badder sibling (appropriately named Alpha) wouldn't stay still for me to get a photo of the back of his head. -Is it normal for spangles to have a pied spot on the back of their head? -I know the violet doesn't show up in pics, but in good light they're really quite purple - bright lavender would be the best desciption of their colour. Considering their shade, would they be sky violets or violet cobalts or violet mauve? Probably dumb question I know, but I'm still learning
  7. Emz

    Breeding App?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any iPhone breeding apps?
  8. Hey guys Who can tell me what gender this little one is? Thanks
  9. Unfortunately tail feathers aren't a problem for George anymore - we got home yesterday evening to find him/her dead on the floor of the cage. I'm heartbroken - George was the friendliest budgie I've ever met, and such a good looking bird. I have no idea what happened! He/she was fine yesterday morning - flying around, chirping and mussing up my hair. No blood or vomit or mess. Just lying on the cage floor. Still and cold. Poor beautiful creature. :*( I know we'd only had George for a week, but we'd bonded. It almost makes me want to give up on my ideas of eventually breeding. And as for nutrition, I've been giving them fresh veg every day, and fruit every second but so far none of them (the young ones or the older) are interested. Not even a nibble.
  10. This is George. The cage they're in at the moment is big - about 100 longx50x50. And the perches aren't near any toys and sufficient distance from the cage. But the feathers have been like this since I got him/her, so I'm thinking it could be from her original home, even though they were in an aviary when I got them. Weird that he/she is the only one with this issue though. :/ And I think they're just about three months - the two boys are starting to moult, so he/she should start soon.
  11. Ever since I got George she/he has had these scruffy tail feathers: (Sorry about the bad quality pics) I've treated for mites, and have her on vitamin supplements... Any ideas? It seems to be affecting her flying (she has difficulty maintaining height). She also hasn't been through her first moult yet.
  12. Thanks for your help guys
  13. The little grey one we've named George/Georgia (depending on gender! ) and I think someone must've started taming him/her, cos he/she is more than happy to just chillax on my shoulder and play with my hair. Also, the big violet cock is liking my hubby. it's fantastic - especially as our original budgies won't have anything to do with us.
  14. These are my new sweeties that I picked up today. <3 they're so friendly! These guys are beautiful pale violet (which doesn't show up in the photos) spangles. I think they're both boys? The second one is gorgeous - very proud looking when he/she's not so snoozy (The pale violet - would that be a DF sky violet or a SF cobalt violet?) And this lil one I think could be younger - it's a lot smaller than the other two. I wasn't originally going to get him/her, but the cuteness was just too much. I don't know gender, but I'm leaning towards another boy? So what does everyone think - do I have three boys here?
  15. Anyone know of any local breeders to contact? Or any associations? I'm planning on going to the Hobart show in a months time to hopefully suss out some locals and what sort of qualities I should be looking for. Still not sure if I want to go exhibition birdies or just pet ones... Exhibiting seems like a lot of hard work, especially when I've got two kiddies to raise and a limited budget.
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