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  1. Just wondering if budgies bond for life if conditions are right or if in a flock, budgies would regularly swap partners for breeding seasons. Do you regularly swap pairs around? If so, how do you go about that as I'm having hard enough time getting one pair to bond. They have been seperated from aviary for about 2 months. For now I have taken the male out and will leave then hen alone for about a week and then return him, if this fails is there anything else I can try or do I need to try and pair them with different budgies? She just seems indifferent to him, doesnt bite or act aggressively. And if I'm trying to get a pair to bond should they be out of hearing range of other budgies, or I've heard if trying to breed, other budgie noises are a good thing as silence predicts threats in the wild? As at the moment they are all within hearing distance, which would be hard to change actually. Any experience experiementing with this or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
  2. Thankyou everyone for your help! Hopefully next time I'll get it right I put them back together and shes become such wonderful company for Benny when I'm not around. He's also settled down into her company and does't display so much courting behaviour. I think as she grows older and more into herself she will put him into his place too. And they are quite happy to still sit on my shoulder and lpay together, shes become pretty tame very quickly by learning from Benny and being so young. This is the first time I've tried having two tame budgies at a time and I'm quite pleased with the results!
  3. ima.snowbird I did see that thread and it has examples but never actually discusses how to tell them apart? Or a I missing a bit?
  4. Please explain the theory of nostril size in regards to males and females?
  5. I was aware I would lose attention from boys but I'm thinking a hen would complicate things further. Perhaps I will put her out with my other bushies and wait for a young male? What do you guys think?
  6. i don't see white though here, I see light blue. Also since shes a hen not a boy, then if i put them together I will lose Bennys attention won't I?
  7. Verryyy young yes. What about the cere makes you think girl if you don't mind my asking? So I can tell better in future,
  8. Hey there, I have recently aquired a second young bush budgie for my current bush budgie Benny. I thought this one was a boy but when I introduced him/her to Benny he immdeiately started jumping from perch to perch, feeding him/her and mounting him/her. The new budgie is just a youngen and definitely not wanting any attention like that. Is he acually a she? I have split them up for now and might wait until the cere becomes more matured to know for sure but would love to know what you guys think! Pictures
  9. Thankyou for the thread I looked on google but I find budgie searches on there don't give great results.
  10. He's a grey grey pied but only has a tiny bit of body color on him so he looks predominantly white with quite a bit of the black pied markings, but yeah I suppose I should have said that, sorry, Does anyone have any pictures of the same type of budgie?
  11. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has any pictures of any black and white pied budgied they may have. I am getting one from a breeder and would love to see others that you have
  12. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has any pictures of any black and white pied budgied they may have. I am getting one from a breeder and would love to see others that you have
  13. Hey there, My budgie Benny did something the other morning I have never had a budgie do before. He is a little tame bushie, and normally always stays in my room overnight. However I had one sleep in day so I put his cage in another room for the night for some quiet in the morning. When I went in in the morning I found him stuck half in and half out of the cage! Dispite his size he had moved one top bar all the way over he has gotten his head and both wings through before he had lodged himself in. He couldn't move forward or backwards and I had to carefully feed his wings back through the bars so he could free himself. I am so sorry I didn't get to him sooner but I never thought he would do something like this! Has anyone else had their budgie do anything similar? I've had budgies learn to open doors but never try to force through the bars... Needless to say he stays in my room at nights always now. - I'd like to add, the cage bars are of normal budgie cage spacing and not easily moved. Also I've never seen him display this behaviour before.
  14. Bahaha yeah a clutch full of lutinos would be enough to convince anyone, classic. I always get that where I think of a type of budgie I havn't seen in a while, say violet, and then I'll see 5 violets at 5 different petstores. It's always the way. It's only a waiting game with him I guess, see if he gets Iris rings and/or a blue cere. Can't wait
  15. She doesn't have iris rings so I think she is just a Albino. I'll post breeding results when it happens and we will know more Thankyou for everyones answers, you're all so much help Also Neville/Nerwen/hilly I have also just purchased a young all yellow male with black eyes, I am hoping he is DF spangle and will have a blue cere, he defintitely isn't a lutino - pitch black eyes, too young to see if he will have Iris rings yet. Without being a lutino, is there still any chance of him not having a blue cere? He has pink feet. I think I read up Dark eyed clears will have pink ceres as well as opposed to the blue, what are the chances, those are quite rare arn't they? Please let me know what you think!
  16. Ah sky violet, perfect! I have always wondered because I wouldn't class her s violet but she does show a violet tinge in some lights and this is perfect. And yes boy will be interesting, I suppose once I see his first clutch of little ones I will know more about his color genes. Thankyou for your help Kaz or Neville do you have any opinions?
  17. Please pm with what you have and how much you're after Thank you
  18. The Boy The Girl(s) - I think she is albino just doesnt have really prominent red eyes. But the other female I'm not so sure of if you could tell me her type.
  19. Hey there, I'm new to breeding budgies and just starting to wrap my head around color genetics, but for now I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what would come out of my white female and white/blue male. She doesnt have red eyes though, I looked that up, would she be a double white factor spangle or what are the other possibilities? And I've been told he's a bluepied but again I've never seen a budgie like him beforem hes all white with a light blue chest and blue cere. I'm aiming for photos soon but until then let me know what you think
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