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  1. Nope I have no idea his parentage. He was at the shop with alot of pied s and a few lutinos and a few spangles so I have no idea what he could be without buying him and watching him grow haha. Anyone else got a way?
  2. To me he looks like a boy, but he doesnt look like an Albino as he doesnt show the red eye. May be DEC but hes just a baby so don't know if he doesnt have Iris's or not yet. And don't know what color his cere will stay. Anyone got any good guesses or ways of knowing what he is? Any help would be appreciated! Thankyou!
  3. Bad news, the hen has come out from sitting on eggs. Think ill have to try again with hen number 2. Meanwhile though hen 1 is doing great and we have 4 growing chirpy little budgies Next time ill try to change the way we hook them up but it's bit difficult given the cages etc... Will have to be creative haha.
  4. Success we have 4 baby budgies in nest one but still none hatched out of nest two... I'm getting a little worried now
  5. Thanks everyone for you replies, I've had a second egg from same hen hatch today I'm very excited! I've candled duck eggs before but at the moment the way my breeding boxes are hooked up I can't really access them I'm just peaking in the entrance to see what's going on. From what I can see the eggs look white and shiny rather than pinky so hoping for more chicks. Now waiting for the second hen to have one hatch After years when I was a young kid of trying (without success - due to two females we found out haha) to breed budgies it's finally happened!
  6. Hey there, I have recently attempted my first budgie breeding season. Both breeding pairs laid about 5 eggs and have been dutifully sitting on them happily. One of the hens cere looked to be flaking and whitish about the edges so I didn't think her eggs would hatch as she seemed like she wascoming out of season but I didn't disturb her. To my suprise one of her eggs hatched and seems to be doing very well. The other hen began laying a day later than the Hen1 (who's 1st egg hatched 2 days ago) and no more babies have arrived. What type of time line should I expect with the other eggs or how do I know when no more are coming? Please let me know!
  7. My budgie has had it for as long as I've had him and I'm thinking its the way he is built too. Please let me know the results of your budgies test and if you could play a photo of his droppings to compare I would be very greatful. Does your budgie seem on the thin side and a little more lazy than other budgies? Is he inside bird etc? Please let me know I think our birds are similar.
  8. Hi there, I have a budgie with a similar sounding problem and would love to hear any updates you have on his progress. Also if you could take a picture of his droppings that would be good to see if they are similar to my birds. Check out my post "messy droppings" to see what you think. My grey pied has lots of urates in his droppings and he's had feacal and crop examinations all clear and is happy and fine :/ he has a wet vent and bit skinny but never gets any worse and aha happily. I don't know what it is!
  9. Hi there, I don't think she's a recognised breeder but she owns a lot of different birds all looked in good condition when I picked him up. She has conures budgies cockatiels love birds burkes etc and brooders inside for hand raising. He's not improved still wet droppings but still both very chirpy and happy, he is very skiny tho but naturally with any wet droppings or prolonged diarreah that's expected. I'm running out of options and I want to be able to put them in my aviary but I definitely won't while i still don't know the caue of this. Also talked to another lady who got a budgie from the same cage and that budgie is fine. I have had more trouble with birds from private breeders than I ever has buying a bird from a pet store. I've never had any problems with pet store birds actually haha isn't it ironic?
  10. No I got him a few weeks after that photo. Apparantly he was 12 weeks when I got him and she seemed to want to rush me in picking him up even 2 weeks before I did. I don't currently have a budgie who has reared young to put in with them but I so have a few older hens that might help the young boys? Or would an older male be a better dynamic? I had a young bush budgie come to me at one stage and I took a chance she looked healthy enough just young, I put her in with my tame male bush budgie and he taught her the ropes now they are bonded and inseparable. Why are breeders so eager to get rid of baby budgies so young? I do still think there is more going on here than just young and not eating properly. There is far too much urates in his droppings I think there may be something up with him if not an infection of some kind.
  11. Still wet droppings and getting very skinny I'm offering mix and come pellet food and I think it's helping. I definitely think these budgies havnt been properly taught how to eat seed or realise the possibility that there is more seed under the husks waiting for them :s this they would learn from older budgies but I can't put them with any other budgies while they have wet droppings. Looks like I'm going to vet again tomorrow.
  12. Yeah I'm not sure why flagyl but ill continue until the 7 days are over and then give some probiotics to help his gut. Also I don't have any hand raising mix but I have been thinking of getting some to supplement his diet as he is a bit skinny and the breeder said he went crazy for it. He is eating, it's been almost two weeks since I've taken him home so he has to be eating but I think I'll definitely try some mix for him. Hope he gets better hes a gorgeous bird, look in my post "black and white pied?" In pictures forum to see him as a bub and growing up
  13. Budgies have been on flagyl since Saturday and no differences in the worse budgies droppings. The other budgies droppings looks normal but he till has a messy vent as well. If anything the worse budgies droppings are looking even sloppier and he is skinny, can feel his chest bone quite prominently. Any ideas? Also I remember breeder telling me he had a bit of a struggle weaning and took longer than the others if that contributes to anything?
  14. It's actually older chick, his younger brother is not as bad. anywah I took them to the vet today, they haven't gotten worse but I was still getting a bit worried,over a week is too long I wasn't confident it was going away on its own. The vet did a faecal smear and crop wash, both comes back clean so I'm not really sure what's wrong but I have some antibiotics to give and hopefully that helps? :s Ill let you know what happens!
  15. Hey b.j thanks for the replies, I know it's not ideal but it's what he was fed at breeders and as you said I didn't want to change diet yet when he is still settling in and having runny poos. It's been a week now of runny droppings and I've wormed them and tried probiotics.
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