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  1. Hi all I have moved to Turkey recently and we get very hot summer weather. A lot of the better wood is treated to give a longer life in the heat. I am having an aviary built and am worried that the wood or the wood treatment may be toxic to the birds. Can anyone provide any advice on this matter. Can I buy untreated wood and then find something I can treat it with that is not bad for the budgies. Thanks
  2. Hello (merhaba) all, my name is Mike and I used to breed budgies in the UK in my twenties. I am now 53 and live in Fetrhiye Turkey. I plan to build an aviary and breed budgies again. I have bought a couple of young birds just to have in the home prior to the aviary being built. I intend to look at members comments on different types of aviaries. I have read some of the FAQ's and am already finiding very useful information. I wonder if you have many Turkish members. It can very cold here in the winter and need to look at the difficulties of breeding here. I look forward to asking questions and contributing to the forum. Thanks for having me in your club. Mike
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