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    Coming together nicely withered.
  2. Hi all Been a while since my last post. Been an interesting month, contending with 40+ degC and the lice that sprung up in the dry conditions, coming from the horse stables next door. Cannot use insecticides as a barrier outside due to the Chickens and Geese I have free ranging, so to control this pest I am watering along the boundary 3 times a day to reduce the lice breeding conditions. This seems to be working well. All birds are now inside in the aircon after coming very close to BBQing some of my best birds, fortunately all have survived and thriving. Very overcrowded at the moment with some 90+ breeders crammed into breeding, nappy cages and anything I could beg borrow or steal (well not really steal) to house them in. On top of all this drama and heat I have pairs still breeding and some 30 pets, and 4 show type fledged over the last month with another 40 eggs and 18 pinkies on the go. Just a couple of show type pics
  3. some pics of breeding progress First shoe type chicks
  4. As you have paired 2 yf Birds your chicks could be Df Yf, This will show as visual white, any future mating of these chicks with a yf will show as white face, if mated with a non yf will produce Yf visuals.
  5. May be Df Grey. The dark cere is interesting. Poss on the way to anthracite but just a guess. Do you know the parents linage? Would be interesting to see that this one produces down the line
  6. I agree with Drogo and Trefto. I would not like to see importation of Parrots in general until there are clear guidelines and procedures in place to protect our Domesticated and wild birds. 1 slip could potentially wipe out a studs and wild flocks. Extreme but that's the reality of why we have quarantine. From the Daff paper is this list. If any of these diseases were introduced how could we possibly counter an outbreak, when for some of them there is no reliable way to test for carriers or infected birds and eggs. As with husbandry prevention is far better than a cure if there is one. Highly pathogenic avian influenza · Newcastle disease · Avian mycobacteriosis · Fowl typhoid (Salmonella Gallinarum) · Pullorum disease (Salmonella Pullorum) · Psittacosis (Chlamydia psittaci) · Pacheco’s disease · Amazon tracheitis · Poxvirus infection in parrots · Internal papillomatous disease · Psittacine proventricular dilatation syndrome. · West Nile virus
  7. Hi Brett If you want to start breeding now you will need to consider the prevailing weather conditions. Here we will experience mid 30s to low 40s in summer. I was monitoring my breeding cages and nest boxes temp, they were located in an out door aviary, prior to moving, and was seeing up 50 deg C in nests during the hottest part of the day. They were well ventilated and shaded and it was only 30Deg C in the avairy. I do think i will have lost some dead in egg due to this. It also puts a lot of extra strain on the breeding pair. I am still running my breeding program but under controlled temp and humidity conditions. I guess the choice is your to make but I wouldn't risk it in the hottest months unless in a controlled environment and even then it can be expensive. My point of view only. Paulie
  8. Hi all hope every one is enjoying the silly season. To start this journal a little background. 2013 season for me was a test run and a very steep learning curve. Produced lots of very nice pet birds that were snapped up within 2 days of advertising. I made some predictions regarding what I was expecting to see from various pairs of birds. Am quite pleased to say that, from the visual aspect, I was pretty accurate. Some pleasant surprises came form the multitude of splits and mixes in my original breeding stock of pet birds that came from various pet shops and colony breeders. I have also procured some very nice beginner to intermediate show type breeding stock and am hoping to participate in BCV comps over the coming year. As of last week I have moved house, was planning to leave 4 brooding pairs at the previous location until chicks had fledged. As we have a forecast of up 40 deg C and the breeders were in an outside aviary I was running the risk of cooking the chicks and damaging parents if left. I made the decision to move all nests to my new location. In doing so I ran the calculate risk of stressing brooding hens and have them turn on the chicks so move them I did. The risk was worth it as all chicks and parents survived the move with little distress and no injury's. The new breeding room for the summer is indoors and climate controlled and will be using this setup during the hotter months Dec, Jan, Feb and March Currently there are 7 nests in operation 1. DF Spangle hen yellow x Olive violet spangle cock4 Eggs with 6 pinkies 2. Dark green grey Normal Show type cock x YF grey Cin spangle show type hen6 eggs 1 pinkie to date 3. Grey Normal cock Pet x Cobalt normal hen Pet 5 eggs 2 pinkies 4. Grey Dom pied cock Pet x Grey Dom pied hen Pet. chicks almost ready to fledge 5. Light Green spangle cock pet x Albino hen Pet no eggs yet 6. Olive spangle cock Show x Yf grey cin spangle hen Show. No eggs yet. 7. Cobalt Normal cock Show x Cobalt opaline hen Show. No eggs yet So whats in the nest now The breeding room will soon be re configured and will accommodate a total of 12 large breeding cages for show type and 12 smaller Breeding cages for pet type. In the cooler months I will expand the operation with a further 10 large and 20 small breeding cages to be housed in the garden shed come breeding house. So the 2014 season in going to be a lot of work but hey this is what I do with my days.
  9. paulie


    Welcome He is dom pied with very little markings. Gorgeous bird Fankie
  10. Hi Beemack, welcome to the forum. Hope you find a new friend soon.
  11. Sorry to hear abt the death of your friends hen Flip. the only thing I may have added would be air sack mites, they cause wheezing and can be fatal if not caught early enough.
  12. the view from my back door current temp 28.6C top today of 33C with 40C predicted by friday
  13. If no longer flying and behaving as normal A visit to an avian vet may be in order.
  14. Rhiannan This one could have come from the same nest. Is dompied Visual vi
  15. Speckling is pretty common. most show breeders attempt to eliminate this feature as doesn't meet the standard, personally I like it in pets. Not sure what causes the white cheek patches but I do have a YF grey cin spangle hen with this feature. That is a great looking bird Nickyk. Paulie
  16. 1st look good as a breeding cage 2nd looks to have as stated to larger gap. I use a similar type of breeding cage but made of timber/chipboard.
  17. Well there you have it the end of the breeding season for me. final result after a slow start is. 58 live/fledged pet type chicks, 4 dead in shell, 2 death after hatch & 11 infertile eggs (reduced the rate of infertility dramatically By plucking the vent areas on both birds clean of feathers, this is to prevent misfires by the cock) An average of 6.25 eggs laid per clutch from 6 pairs at 2 rounds each. A survival rate of 80.55% of all eggs laid. "Season to date but high temps here may take a bit of a toll". A result that i am pleased with. Still a fail rate of 19.45% that I shall be attempting to address next season. I achieved abt a 70% accuracy rate in regard to progeny visual outcomes 60% accuracy sexing chicks at 2 days, 90% accuracy at 15 days. Still have on 2 pair on eggs, 1st pair have 5 and 2nd pair have 9 +3rd pair have 5 chicks that should fledge over the next week and a half. Not really what I wanted at this time of year, Its getting pretty hot here now 37 DegC today and all the birds are suffering. have also started with my show birds and hope to have some handy beginner birds for next years shows, have 2 pair down for abt 6 weeks. 1st pair friendly+mating but no eggs to date, 2nd pair have 5 eggs, 3 confirmed full, and look like at least 1 more to come. I have them in a controlled condition breeding house. Yes they have aircon. So that's the sum of this season for me, happy breeding and enjoyment of your birds. paulie
  18. looks like interaction with the other bird,
  19. in this scenario i often will move the chicks to a nappy cage and leave the hen, cock and eggs to themselves. if the youngest are not yet fledged ill put a nest type enclosure into the cage, really just some where for them to hide and gain some confidence. if they are not feeding themselves ill put some egg and biscuit mix on a finger and as they are trying to bite me they usually get the idea pretty quick that its food. i also find that older chicks will feed the younger ones. not saying you should or shouldn't just the way i do it and it has worked well for me.
  20. I was in a bird outlet mid last week and saw what I believe to possibly be a very light mauve/pink mottled on a white base. tried to buy it but the guy turned down $200.00 It wasnt a particularly spectacular bird other than the unusual colour. If it is still there ill try for a picture. Thinking it may have been a cross with a Bourkes parrot. A bit like a mule, sterile, Horse X donkey. Don't know if they are similar enough to be able to fill egg. Really just speculating. ​I believe that nothing is impossible, it just hasn't been done yet. My 2 cents
  21. Oh okay ill ask. What exactly is the question?
  22. Hi all I am using Normectin pour on for cattle 5 mg/ml in an alcohol base. 500 ml bottle for $70.00 from a local farm and produce supplies. Very effective 1 drop per bird as described for other ivomectin products.
  23. I have a number of pet type budgies almost ready to come out of the nappy cage. PM me what your looking for.
  24. okay I'm confused KAZ abt why a bird cannot be split to spangle. I have just had a nest fledge with 3 X light green spangle 2 x YF T1, Violet normal Cock is OIlive Violet opaline / spangle? Hen is Df Yf presenting as sky Normal /? According to what you say here KAZ this is not possible YET HERE IT IS. I'm confused The only thing I can think of is that cock may be masking Sp somehow Ill start a new thread for this
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