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  1. They both came from a friend whose kids looked after them and they were all clueless. Both lived in the same cage before, and they're in a new cage together now. He was like this when I got him.
  2. Two of everything - that's a helpful advice. I notice that with my two, one feeds while the other looks on and tries to get in every now and then but gets pushed back. I'll set up another feeder.
  3. Yes, Rose got a drop too. Pointless to do one and not the other with mites. She looks perfectly healthy, both beak and feet. Beaker appears to be in good shape in every other respect, just not the beak or the feet.
  4. I just found this in FAQ: http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/faqs/index.php?sid=157120〈=en&action=artikel&cat=4&id=36&artlang=en Do you think Beaker might improve like this bird did? His beak is much longer (after being trimmed by vet) then the bird in the photo. Any hope?
  5. Hi, new around here. Introduced myself already in the noob section. Someone suggested I post here with my beak question. Beaker here has a deformed beak. He has scaly beak mites and so I've given him a drop of medicine for it. I got Beaker and Rose (the blue girl behind him) together from their previous owner. Rose looks perfectly normal so I don't get how you can't tell Beaker doesn't look right. Anyway, how bad do people think that beak looks? Is there any hope for Beaker? He seems to eat okay.
  6. broke90


    Thanks Finnie. The comment about the mirror is meant to be a joke. He is not what I would call a handsome budgie, and you'll see what I mean when I post a picture of him. If he sees himself in the mirror he might freak out.
  7. broke90


    Hi all Just want to introduce myself. I normally hang out in a car forum so I know it's good manners to go to the noob section first to say hello. Just got given two budgies - a boy and a girl. Girl is called Rose and is blue. Boy is called Beaker and is green. Beaker has scaly face mite (terrible that it wasn't picked up by previous owner but let's not go there). I've given them both a drop of medication (used on our chickens - I have chickens and ducks too and they're very happy looking birds) so hopefully with time that will kill off the mites. Beaker has a slightly deformed beak, probably due to the mites. He is eating well so the deformity does not appear to be affecting it's feeding, which I understand can happen sometimes especially if it is cross-beaked. The big question is - can the beak grow back to normal shape or should I give up the hope of one day putting up mirrors?
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