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  1. Hello everyone, Last year I stopped breeding budgies, due to the fact that I could no longer care for babies and parents, because of full time work and study commitments. I continued to keep adult budgies for 6 months. I recently released my budgies, cleaned out the aviary, and stored everything away. I'm not sure if I will breed budgies again, but I sure had a blast doing so while I did. It was about 5 years of breeding, with many beautiful clutches and chicks being created. I also lost a few, which I was quite sad about, but sometimes, there's not much one can do. This also marks the farewell for this site, perhaps for now, perhaps for good. I made some good friends here, many of which are no longer active. However I want to thank anyone still on here, for the knowledge and experience provided. Farewell, stay safe and happy bird keeping, Budgie_Mad.
  2. Well HELLO! I haven't been on for so long, and I apologise. I am curious to see if anybody is still on here actively? I see that alot of questions haven't been answered for a while. I guess it just gets so busy. I know with full time work, full time study as well as caring for the birds and other circumstances, it just is a bit much to come on here all the time. So just curious to see who's still on here. =) Sincerely Budgie_Mad!
  3. Hello Roxanarios. Moving nests is fine, I move mine as to clean the nest boxes. I find, if I only empty and get rid of poo etc, it just gets really gross, so I replace the nest box and do a thorough clean of the used one. Just ensure that you are gentle, and not to take too long, as this can obviously distress parents and chicks. Let us know how it's going =)
  4. Often when breeding, pairs will know if eggs are fertile or infertile, and in the case of infertile eggs, they will often throw them out of the nest and eat the eggs for the calcium, which the eggs are rich in. But if they are doing this constantly maybe you should separate them for a few months, and experiment each bird with other pairs, to find the doer of this. How old are they?
  5. So something that I found helped to encourage breeding is feeding them silver beet. I read somewhere that all the vitamins, minerals and fiber in it, give them the things they need to encourage breeding, and sure enough after feeding them silver beet for a month or so, they started breeding (This may have been coincidence, but its worth trying) As BUDGIE L0V3R said, without pictures we can't tell you without guessing, so yeah whenever you have time, post some pictures =) (Photobucket works best for adding pictures on)
  6. I would probably say 3-5 months old, and he is beautiful!
  7. He's beautiful. With the iris, often dom pied birds will have a really dark iris, and unless there is a bright source of light, you wont be able to see the pupil and iris apart. Another thing with male dom pied budgies is that their cere will probably never change colour, however in my finding, females will turn brown... I'm not that great with genetics, but I believe what I have said is correct, at least to what my dominant pied budgie has.
  8. I have too tried to suggest things such as a Facebook page, however I never got a yes and to be honest I don't think I actually got a reply at all. In all honesty I havent been on for ages due to no one else being on. I will try to perhaps be on more. Just hope this site can come back to life!
  9. So just an update, I am only going to have three pairs down for breeding during winter, unless something happens between some of the other birds. One pair, has been preparing for a few weeks and are now showing interest in the nesting box, so hopefully within a week or so we should start seeing some eggs. the second pair are still settling in the new cage, as they have been in the aviary for about 6 months, the last pair will swap with the mother who has the two fledged chicks on the weekend, so tomorrow. My finches are also starting to show interest in the nest and nesting materials, so hopefully I will get my first clutch of finch chicks sometime soon. That's all for now.
  10. I thought it was a double factor sky blue dominant pied spangle, I think male too, but not certain.
  11. Budgie_Mad

    Hi Folks

    Welcome, I am certain you will find all the information you need. Sorry about the late welcome too.
  12. When my budgie was younger, he often mated with my hand and bobbed his head as if he was regurgitating, however he never did. It was just the mating and bobbing. As for the genetics, I actually have no idea, it is a cobalt/vi lot of some for, but not sure of much else, I even went through a long list and couldn't find what it was. I have had one exactly the same before, but I didn't know the genetics.
  13. What budgie lover said sounds correct to me, I love Yoshi and Dee, wish I could get some here, but can't ever find any!
  14. Here I will post news, stories, pictures, and success about the autum and winter breeding seasons for 2015. So the first clutch of this year started in Febuary with a first time mother and father. Four eggs where laid and all four where cared for perfectly by a waiting mother. However 2 days before the first egg hatched, the father was attacked and killed by a butcher bird, and at this time these where the only pair breeding, so I couldnt swap eggs over. So I left them with the first time mother, and out of the four eggs, two hatched, these two eggs hatched within a 4 hour period of eachother and grew fast and healthy. The new mother was doing exceptionally well and fed, and cared for them all the time, they have both fledged and are about to move to the aviary to meet the adults with mum. She has now been put on break for a year or so, or until she can make a new partner, upon finding one she needs to have a 6 month break. There are currently 3 pairs trying to breed, and maybe four in the next weekend, these are mainly going to be first time parents, some have never made it past having chicks that are older than 6 days old, and one pair are my star breeders. So I will keep you all updated on what happens.
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum, I found every detail of Information I needed when I first started breeding from here, also the members are great, some of them aren't on here as much if at all as when I joined, however the newer members are just as lovely and full of information. You have some beautiful looking budgies, keep up the great work.
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