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  1. yes I agree. It's hard cus you know your intentions are good and you just want you bird to know that.
  2. This is great. I'm going to follow these steps! Thanks
  3. I've had him a little over a week. And will do thanks
  4. So i am able to leave my hand in the cage and Cricket is fine. I am also able to hold millet and he eats from it, but as soon as my hand gets too close he gets scared and flys/wanders away. Does anyone have any tips for me?
  5. That is a really pretty name. I have a few choices I'll add that to the list and Im going to pick out of a hat
  6. haa i would totally name him tori but my girlfriends name is victoria, tori for short. That would be weird if I named my bird after her haa
  7. Hey everyone. The names Stella, and I from New York. I just bought a new budgie today. I haven't picked a name yet only a few choices. Maybe you guys can help me out. So far I have Kiwi, Sheldon, Hedwig. I was thinking if anyone new any foreign names like Japanese names that have english meanings. I'm actually not sure if my budgie is a male or female, so if you guys can help me out that would be great https://twitter.com/StellBellLemel/status/219199917724413952/photo/1 https://twitter.com/StellBellLemel/status/219199855153774592/photo/1 Oh and can anyone tell me how to post picture
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