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  1. Honestly, the store I purchased him from was very concerned and embarrassed and gave me the vendors info right away. The vendor I have a feeling was just trying to make me happy. They said they would look into who was clipping them too short and that they do have to clip them for their saftey during transport. I argued that they were obviously clipping them not for saftey but for convinced in handling them. Buddy isn't more than 12 wks old, he's still learning to hop, jump, play and even just getting around in a cage, he's more than a little clumsy without his wings right now. I put more perches in a smaller (its wide not high) cage for him while he's quatentined and clipped. I do clip a bird sometimes myself because of the layout of my house but only till there tame and know they have to stay in the living room.I usually only clip 2-4 primaries. I only ever had to do that with one bird who would fly to the ceiling and bump into it. Once he stopped he's been fully flighted since. Just a side note I only purchased him from a store cause there are no breeders in my area :-( I wish I could get one hand raised. Someday when I'm educated enough I may try breeding myself. Knowing me tho I prolly would have a hard time giving the birdies away tho lol
  2. I called the vendor that clipped my poor little buddy's wings and gave them ***. I hope they stop doing that to the birds imho it abusive
  3. I will get a picture of the back of his head for you tomorrow. He's sleeping for the night :-) I've actually been really worried about how short his wings have been clipped. He can't protect himself from falling to the floor when he tries to fly and he fell off a perch flapping his wings in place too. Poor little guy can't even flutter down. He hits hard. I warned my husband and son that we all need to be careful with him until they grow back. You don't think he will have a hard time growing them back do you?
  4. Thanks Pebble and L_J! I appreciate you taking a stab at it Pebble. The reason I thought dominate pied and spangle mix was because of the cheek patches. As far as I knew the only mutation that can be mixed with those colors was spangle. Anyone know if that's correct?
  5. Hello everyone! I just, this week, got a new male budgie, Buddy. I'm new to educating myself on the different mutations and Buddy is stumping me so I need your expert experience to identify his mutation(s) Just a little extra info that may not be visible in the pics is that he has one silvery cheek patch and one purple! Also, the place I got him from clipped his wings (way to short if you ask me) but from what I can see when his flights grow in they will be a very, very pale yellow, not a pure white. All of that plus his body and head markings lead me to believe he is df dominant pied and sf spangle mix or possibly recessive. Please help me out in figuring my new friend out its so confusing! LOL
  6. I hope thatshe was trying to preen me. She really is a sweet little bird. Were taking it very slow. I sing and whistle to her everyday and she loves it. After being gone all day at work she gets excited to see me when I get home. when I walk to her cage she always bounceas around a little. My husbands home when Im at work most days so she always has someone to talk to which is good or her.
  7. Hi all I was hoping you guys could help a newbie like me understand budgie body lanuage(or behaviors)a little better. Ive had my budgie Pip Squeak for almost a week now. This morning I said good morning and went to pet Pip on her belly ( she lets me do this already without running away) as i put my finger towards her she seemd as tho she was going to bite me softly. i got a little freaked out cause i thought she might bite me and reacted pulling my hand out quickly. I was thinking about it all day and i dont think she was going to bite me at all. i hope my quick reaction didnt set our progress back:( Do budgies play with their mouths? Also, how do i know shes happy, playful, scared etc. heres Pip Squeak
  8. Thank you so much for replying. I had a feeling she was a girl I hope I can still teach her to talk. I've been whistling three little birds by bob barley to her since I brought her home and she just started to whistle back!!! Thanks for telling me about the bell ill take it out when I get home, its ashame tho cause she plays with that. No mirror but a little disco ball toy do u think that's bad for her too? It's shiny and a little reflective.
  9. I joined this wonderful group last night because i just brought my first budgie home on tuesday. I was in the pet store picking out fish with my family and i couldnt get my mind off the little sweet bird i saw. Years ago I lived with a roommate that had two cockatails so i have taken care of birds before (one was left with me cause he was a biter, but i loved him anyway) Its been years since I had a bird but i couldnt leave with out ,Pip Squeak, my new sweetie. I would appreciate a little bit of help tho cause im trying to make sure i do things right with him/her??? first if someone could help with sexing Pip for me I would appreciate it. I think he may be a boy from the info ive been reading but you all are way more knowledgable! Also yesterday Pip had a poopy bottom and has been cleaning himself constantly. It looks a lot better today but i think he maybe pulling feathers out seems like hes losing a lot including two of his largets tail feathers. hes moving around more today and heard him chirp 5 times so far today last two days he didnt at all. Is this all just normal cause of the stress of moving? [/img][/img][/img][/img] also he hasnt eaten that i know of. just a little off a mineral fruit block i got him. http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l198/JACKYBEAN/553939_3869866519182_1027118393_n.jpg
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