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  1. thank you all for the replies.. my wife's super happy now about finally getting our little boy in the mix one more question for baby boys how long before they are sexually mature .. is it a year or 6 months? or at least for our little one... not sure how old he is now.
  2. Hi all, I have bought 3 parakeets from a local pet shop.. i had two of the before (green and gray/blue) and I believe both of these are females but I could be wrong. I'm not sure of the younger one we bought recently. Keeping my fingers crossed hoping it's a boy so we could have a few babies down the road please help me identify their sexes and let me know if you need to have any more pics... also one more question .. please don't flame me for being a total noob but can they get sunburned on their cere? the reason I ask is that lately I been putting their cage outside under the sun and that's when the first two changed ceres really quickly to that brown (yes i know it's normal mating cere change as well) but was curious if the sun had any effect on the change (like say when humans get sunburned... ) .. please don't laugh at my dumb question or do :-D haha thanks. and sorry for their messy beaks.. they were eating biscuits before hand.
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