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  1. I have reported them but the rspca here said they cant really do much about it,they can go check the place out but aslong as the birds have fresh water and seed then they cant do anything unless the sick bird is still there then they can seize him but I very much doubt he would still be alive with the condition he was in
  2. I was tempted to buy the poor little fella while I was in there but turned my back on him,I felt so bad but know there is really not much I could have done. the petshops here are horrible and I hate going in to them as I am always tempted to come home with some poor sick animal
  3. Yesterday I went into a stockfeed place here that also sells Teils,Canarys,Finches and Budgies,they are housed outside in flight cages. While I was looking at the budgies they had I noticed in the corner was a small baby budgie,he looked very sick and fluffed up,I also noticed he had a very messy vent,I asked the owner about the sick budgie and got a very rude reply,she said that I dont know what I am talking about and that hes perfectly fine and only fluffed up with messy vent as hes still a baby. I cant stop thinking about the poor little fella out there in the cold
  4. from the last pictures i agree it looks like a little boy especially that very last picture he is very cute
  5. aww poor Jumbo. Feather dusters really are cute birds its a shame they dont live long
  6. hmmm seems to have a little white around her nostrils so I would say girl
  7. I would say the first 2 are female and the little blue and white one is a male
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