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  1. They are still the same genes as each other even if from different clutches, exact same parents, not a good idea to pair them
  2. Oops, sorry. You're totally correct, it's Dom pieds that get the iris rings. I got mixed up with the mutations
  3. I have read before that some budgies just aren't good with breeding. If you can work out which bird it is it might be best not to breed with them anymore. You might be able to give that bird a brake and try again in a couple of months once it has matured some more.
  4. It is recommended to let budgies have 1-2 clutches. If you are wanting to stop this, just remove the eggs from the nest once you notice them. Once the babies have left the nest, block the hole or remove the box so the female can no longer get in.
  5. Are they still attacking him? If they are I would suggest removing him to avoid any injuries. Budgies can be quiet aggressive when they want to be, keep an eye on them and if they aren't fighting leave them but if they become aggressive again I would remove the male
  6. What colours have you got? My favourite part of the babies are when they are around this age and you get that nice surprise of the colour coming through the tail and the stomach
  7. Are you able to get a picture just focussing on the cere? From the pictures provided the cere looks pink which makes me think male but it also appears to have some white on it which could be a female.
  8. We can't help you with the gender without a picture as it's just guessing by description. It is much easier to pick up things with the cere with a picture. Budgies will breed all year around if allowed but it is not advised to breed them when temperatures are high. Separating the birds can be done for a week or longer, just makes the birds eager to greet the opposite sex when introduced back together
  9. Normally babies will change a bit in colour as they molt, it may go through a couple of molts before it is fully coloured.
  10. In the third picture it looks like it has an iris ring, this would say it's a recessive pied. Looks to be a male.
  11. It's hard to say as budgies can make many noises. If she doesn't seem to be in any stress or pain I wouldn't worry about it too much
  12. Often the budgies will be hesitant to try new foods but if they have a bird eating it they will try it and notice that it actually taste good. Hopefully the baby is going good
  13. Very beautiful birds, look like opaline grey wings or dilutes
  14. Appears to be a female as it has a large amount of white around the nostrils. If you could take some pictures of the wings/back it would help in telling the mutation.
  15. She could be overweight, perhaps lower the amount of seed she eats and also feed her fruit and veg
  16. Often the egg laying is the major concern and then if she is mature enough to raise the baby. I would suggest keeping a eye on the both of them and just supplement the birds with lots of fruit and veg
  17. From the first picture both look like males, in the second it might be a female. Are you able to get a shot in natural light please
  18. I still think a female after those pictures
  19. Hi, If your male is 7 years old it is not likely he will produce any babies. Budgies shouldn't breed after 4-5 years of age or before 1 year old. I would suggest removing the nest box from the cage and doing some research before breeding the birds. If she does lay an egg, you can remove it from the cage so that she can't incubate it
  20. If you can take a picture in natural light and closer to the cere that would help. The cere looks almost completely white on the top half which would indicate 100% female. Unless my screen is making it look a different colour I'm almost 100% sure it's female. You might struggle to get another reply as many of the posters on this forum are not active. Good luck finding its gender
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