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  1. Thanks for the reply, He is slowly getting more feathers but he is still very scruffy, but the kids love him and he is great fun. Very nice personality and not agressive at all. Would it be adviseable to breed the same pair again? It is the only breeding pair we have and are concerned it might happen again. Cheers Kurt
  2. Hi there , Have bee nreading this forum for quite a time now, always very informative. My kids have started breeding budgies and have just had the first nesting. Before the 2 babies were ready they were evicted from the nest, the younger one was killed but the older one Snowy (I wanted to call him scruffy) could already fly and managed to survive until we found them. Both babies did not feather normally and Snowy grew his flight feathers before his body feathers and after 3months still has not been fully feathered, he seems to be growing new feathers daily but looks quite scruffy. From what I have read it could be French Molt but would hope someone with some knowledge could help. I have some pics but are unsure how to post pics here. He is now our family pet, we clipped his wings so the kids could look after him (didn't like doing it but the house is not set up for a flighted bird so we didn't have an option) Cheers and thanks in advance for any help. Kurt
  3. As a bit of an outsider I think its a great idea, going back to the roots. Have always thought those huge headed ones are not very attractive and look fake i na botox kind of way. Hope there is room in this world for both camps
  4. Thanks looks like its the Pet Shop they will go to. Had alot of success with colony breeding in the past but every now and then I would always get a nasty female to upset things
  5. Thanks look forward to learning more about the beautiful birds
  6. Hi all, We have had a handful of budgies now for a year. 3 of the budgies came with the aviary and are not wanted for breeding. They would be between 2-5 years old. We tried breeding recently and one of these female birds took over the nest of a sitting one and let all the eggs go cold. As we only have one avairy and are just starting out in breeding we will do it communally (we are not setup to breed in breeding cages yet). What is the best way to get rid of these birds. Do you just find a pet shop that will take them but I wouldn't want anyone to buy these birds thinking they are young, or is there someone out there with plenty of space that rehouses older birds so they can enjoy the avairy life. Any help would be grateful. Cheers kurt
  7. Hi all, I used to breed budgies when I was a young lad and are now wanting to start again to share teh joy with my young boys. We have an avairy that came with 3 birds and bought 2 extra for breeding. Look forward to learning more on thsi site. Cheers Kurt
  8. We are after a hand tamed male budgie, colour unimportant for a family environment. Bobby passed away last year and we are keen to have another friend. Cheers Kurt
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