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  1. That's great to know. Thanks. Robyn, I'll add more pics over the next few days as the chicks develop.
  2. Hi Robyn & Kaz...thanks for the replies. I took the chicks out the nest and rested them on the floor carpet. They walked about without much difficulty but put them back in the next quickly as the mother was calling for them! Here are some more pictures
  3. fusion

    Hi All

    Hi Everyone...I've joined the forum today. I have two budgies, well 4 now as two babies have hatched, one is now 12 and the other is 11 days old. I was looking for a forum where I can get good advice on looking after the new babies and share my experiences. I'm glad I found this forum!
  4. Hi...my hen has two babies, one is 12 days old and the other is 11 days. Thankfully, the hen has up to now been looking after the babies very well. I think the babies may have splayed legs but I'd like some advice please before I carry out the sponge procedure described in Kaz's post. Thanks Below are some pictures of the cock & hen and the babies. Blue is hen
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