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  1. A'SHAAR

    New Aviary

    Looking awesome mate....good work. I would love to build a large brick one as well.
  2. Hi I also collect mine from the beach and once I get them home I rinse them off and place in a bucket of hot salted water for a day or two. Once they have soaked I will just rince off again and let dry in the sun. My birds just can't get enough of them.
  3. I only leave four fertile eggs with the parents so this way the chicks are not overcrowded and the parents dont get exhausted trying to feed to many.
  4. Hi Rochelle I not sure of the cost as the person who was after them in Sydney never got back to me. Rachelm I have heard the same that AAE is the cheapest.
  5. Hi Drogo Thank you so much for your advice. I will now take it all on board.
  6. Hi All I need some advise. I have someone wanting to buy about 6 of my birds and I need to freight them from Brisbane to Sydney. Not sure how to go about this. Can anyone please advise me. Many Thanks
  7. Mine also love it Nadene. I get the real large one's and put them on a skewer... they go nuts for it. Some of my Lutino's get covered from head to toe also.
  8. I do the same as Robyn. I scrape and sweep my concrete floor twice a week and hose it out if it gets really mucky in wet weather. No need for a drain if you have a very slight slope on your slab...works well for me.
  9. Congrats to you both she is beautiful.
  10. Yes I do mine every 3 months with Moxidectin in the water. It not only helps with worming it also does mites & lice.
  11. I would take him to the vet as I had the same with one of my young birds on his first moult. He had french moult for sure as he was missing his flight feathers and had a large cyst under his wing. He also had the horn like black feathers growing above the base of his tail. At the end of the day I took him to the vet and had to put him to sleep.
  12. Please keep us posted on how you go.
  13. Hi Funkypanda Like Robyn has said they will sometimes start to lay again while the last few chicks are still in the nest. Most times they will start to lay again at about 10 days after the last chick has left the box. But keep a eye on the hen for some will attack the chicks if they want to lay again. I myself at most times will take the box away once the last chick has fledged and replace it when the chicks have gone into the nursery cage. I do have some pairs that are happy to still rear the last clutch on the cage floor and nest again. But at the end of the day you know your birds best. They are all different. Hope this helps.
  14. Laila if you would like her to have this round then do it I say!!! This is only her second round isn't it? If so and if she is healthy then she should be fine.
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