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  1. Really? aww thanks Kaz, this has really put a downer on the happiness of getting the birds will let youse know...
  2. Hi guy's....i need some advice One of birds (grren one) seems to have the runs and looks yucky around her bum? Also her right eye looks puffy? Any help or advice is very much appreciated.. Wayne
  3. Thanks Kaz, having a blast already!
  4. Wow, thanks all for the fast, detailed replies! I have just removed the seed block and will avoid using them from now on, thanks. I only have one more front on shot (below). Is this in focus enough to tell if Lulu (now the green one) is female? (sorry, taken from my phone) Thanks Maesie, we think there a cute pair too, just need to know who wears the pants in this cage lol
  5. what a great forum, glad i joined!

    1. **KAZ**


      Me too and I have been here for YEARS!!! LOL

    2. waynekatie
  6. Hey all, just thought id share a picture of our two new birds and at the same time ask a few general questions. Here is Charlie (green) and Lulu (blue) NOW, in naming these (kids did) we have/had no idea on sex. This is my first question? I have read through a fair few posts and had a look at my two but im still not 100% sure on sex. Re food, being new to budgies is there anything special i should give them, currently they are eating a seed mix in there feeder (pet shop mix?) with a hanging honey block and a cuttle fish. Is there anything else i could give them or any "treats" that can be recommended? ie: fruit? I want them to be happy and healthy Charlie, seems to continually kick out there seed and squeeze himself/herself into the feeder tray...is this a common/normal trait for a young bird in a new environment? (was told they were 8 weeks at time of purchase?) I have removed this today and purchased a new open feeder that sits on the cage bottom, but would like to put the other one back up. just want to be sure there okay first? Other than that, they actually seem pretty happy, on the few occasions i have had my arm in changing water etc both have flown onto my arm and just sat there lol thanks for taking the time to read my post and any recommendations and/or feedback is much appreciated. Wayne.
  7. Hi everyone, new member here from Thornton, NSW Just purchased two beautiful budgies and come across this forum whilst using Google to research a few things about them. Looks like a great forum and happy to be a member Wayne.
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