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  1. To start my pair of budgies had 4 babys and a week and a half after they were born the male and female started to fight about letting each other feed the babys. He wouldnt let the female in the nesting box and if she did get in he wouldnt let her out he would stand on the perch and they would fight threw the hole for the nesting box. I thought that they would work out who would take care of the baby's but they didnt it just got worse. Unfortunately I had to remove the male from the cage this morning. The female seems to be doing alright with taking care of them by herself. I feel bad for him because he is chirping and climbing all over the cage looking for a way out to get back to the other cage. My pair has been together for little over two year since they were young I think he is distressed because now he is not eating. I dont know what I should do. Please help
  2. This morning the male would perch in front of the nesting box and would not let the female out and she wouldnt let him in so I had to make the hard decision of taking him out of the cage. Its heartbreaking to see the male in the other cage chirping, pacing and climbing trying to find a way out back to the baby's. The mom seems to be doing alright this morning I gave her a variety of food to pick from to help out with the extra burden of 4 chicks by herself.
  3. I have been keeping an eye on them most of the day and dad has been feeding the babys there crops are full but he doesnt sit with them. Now that evening is coming up he has went into the nest to sit. I know they are going to need more warmth than that so I think I will remove the male since he refuses to let her in the box with out a fight. The only concern that I have is-doesnt the male teach the baby budgies to feed and ween them and will the female do this if he is not present. One last concern after the baby's are weened will the male and female beable to be put back in the same cage. I will take out the nesting box, dont think I will bread them again.
  4. Before I received any reply's last night I put the male back in the cage. It was later in the evening so the hen was in the nest for the night and he was ready for bed for the evening. This morning they were still avoiding getting to close to each other, the male as a little limp and his wing is sore, when the female is out of the box he goes in and feeds the baby's but is not feeding her anymore. She is still feeding the baby's but if the baby's are chirping when she is in the box the male want to still go in and feed them but she wont let him in. She used to let him in and feed the chick and her. '
  5. Can you tell me how and where to delete the other post, I looked and couldnt find how. If you read again what I wrote you will see it says DELETED.........so its done. You cant delete your own posts but I can Thanks
  6. Can you tell me how and where to delete the other post, I looked and couldnt find how.
  7. I have had my two birds for 2yrs and we decided to breed them. After a lot of research I bought a breeding box and they started mating shortly after. Three weeks after I placed the breeding box there was one egg then two. All together she laid 4 eggs. On april 27 the first budgie was born 28th the second, 29th the third and 30th the forth. Everything was going good female was feeding all 4 well and the male would feed the female and go into the nest regularly. Today May 6th with the budgies being little over a week the male and female started to fight, female had little blood on chest and bites on her foot and the male had blood on his wing. I stopped the fighting by whistling to my birds, I was concerned about the blood on them and didn't know why they would start fighting now. They get along great and had been both taking care of budgies. After a while of watching and waiting to see what would happen, the female went to go get in the nesting box and the male attacked the female and it was a horrible fight. I stopped the fighting once again and waited. The male again wouldn't let the female in the box, concerned that they were going to killing each other I removed the male from the cage. I dont know if she can take care of 4 baby budgie by herself and not sure if I should put the male back in the cage. Please help.
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