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  1. Good to meet you to Kaz had a grat day some very nice birds on show will see you again
  2. Thanks Kaz for your quick response I will be there around 11:00 always like to be a little early.
  3. Hi folks the Southwest budgerigar Club has the national selections on the 20th May could someone tell me the time the meeting starts, thank you.
  4. Hi there this is my first reply in the forum, but I would like to say that i like the changes you have made to your birdroom the hole that the little critter used to enter the bird room was maybe created by them, the changes you have made should stop this happening again, the second thing is the way you have lined your avairy half way up to stop them climbing the wire great idea but it also serves another purpose and that is it stops any hask, seed or any other googies you feed the birds in the flight blowing through the wire and onto your lawn which would incourage mice to that area because it creates a good food supply for them. As all breeders know hygiene in the birdroom is very important for you and your birds but it is also important to carry this to the outside of the bird room as well. The changes you have made are excellent and you may have reduced or even eliminated the chance of the same thing happening again. fantastic and a good read also good photos. All the best.
  5. balmoral


    Thanks KAZ looks like I may take a trip to Mandurah and take a look at some birds while Im there and meet some other members should be a good day look forward to it maybe see you there, cheers.
  6. balmoral


    Thanks for the reply KAZ do you know where the clubs are around the Northern suburbs and maybe the times for meetings so I could go along and join and meet fellow fanciers?
  7. balmoral


    Hi just new to the forum, dont have birdroom or birds yet but could some one let me know who/where I go to order rings and any information relating to exhibition budgerigars here in Perth. Thanks.
  8. Good morning every one, Just new to the forum, dont have any birds or bird room at the moment but I will have through time and it will be great to get back into breeding exhibition budgies.
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