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  1. Thanks so much Budgie Lov3r. I thought it may have been, but I am not that confident in telling. So excited ! He loves a little snuggle already! We are going to call him Angus! Hopefully he is as tame, if not more so than our boy we lost last year. He had so much personality! We will seperate him from mum and dad in a few weeks time and keep handling him loads ( well at least when his protective mum lets us!) Lol. :-)
  2. Here is my little baby now. He / she is 3 weeks old today. He / she is doing really well and is so very cute and cuddly! Can anyone confirm the gender yet? Thanks :-)
  3. Hi all. I am super excited at the arrival of our first chick ever. Parents are both first time breeders. Mum had five eggs, threw out 2 when initially laid, and sat on remaining three. I removed the other eggs just a few days ago as they should have hatched and after candling them, they were infertile. I am wondering if someone can help with the sex of this chick. I know there are some on here who can tell very early on. It will be 2 weeks old on Saturday - so is that still to early to tell? Also, I have heard so much about putting nesting material in box or not. I was advised by quite a few to not put anything in when I wanted to put wood shavings. Is it too late to add some now. What do people recommend? Hope I am adding the pics right. Here is mum and dad - Humphrey (violet) and Jasper. Can anyone tell the sex of the chick yet? We can see yellow pin feathers - but the down in the middle of its back appears blue? Does that mean anything or is it likely to change? Thanks for all your help :-)
  4. Macaw, I can't remember how old my last budgie was when I got him. What age do you recommend is appropriate for hand taming? Thanks :-)
  5. Hi all. I lost my beautiful tame boy budgie of 9 years yesterday. My family is super sad. I would really like to purchase another male baby to tame again, but I want to do it from a reliable source. I have tried looking for local breeders, but I can't seem to find any. I am in Victoria's South East Suburbs. The kids would love a blue pied (?) one - sorry not familiar with actual types. Please let me know if you are local to me and have a baby suitable for us :-)
  6. Here is a picture of her back Whilst we are here though, can you tell me what Henry is. I hope he is a boy - thats what we were told when we got him. He is a beautiful bird, very friendly, about 6 years old now. Thanks again
  7. Thanks to all, so a female it is - should have guessed with how I was bitten by her! Lol. Henry never bit me like that! Well, hopefully she will be as much fun as Henry has been. Was very excited to get your reply KAZ. From reading these forums, you are a wealth of knowledge
  8. okay, final picture. I managed to get this one in natural light today, looks quite good match. I thought from reading this forum, I was leaning toward a male. Some of the pics show white rings around nostrils, but the are definately not that distinct in life. Also, can anyone tell me its breed? Cheers
  9. Thought I would add a couple more pics. The birds cere is more purplish than is showing on the pics. Finding it difficult to get an accurate colour match of the cere on pictures. Thanks for any assistance The last three pics are probably a more accurate colour match.
  10. Hi to all. I am new to this forum, and despite reading your numerous posts on determining the sex of baby budgies, I am still not confident. This is my newest addition, Jasper. We already have a tame male budgie, Henry. Jasper is around 8-10 weeks old and I am not sure of his sex. All help is appreciated.
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