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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. He certainly doesn't look like the blue hen that you posted Kaz, but I will try to get some better pics. It doesn't help that I'm the world's worst photographer
  2. The cere looks pale blue and white like a hen that is out of condition. The shade of blue is not the same as a male's cere A dominant pied male would have a dark blue cere the same as a normal male Thanks Neville - I'm learning something new every day
  3. Hi Neville, Thanks for your response. Can I ask what makes you think the pied might be female? (I really don't mind either way!) Regards, Di
  4. Thank you everyone for your opinions and the compliment
  5. Thankyou for that Kaz. Obviously I have a LOT more research to do as I have no idea what difference there is between recessive and dominant. I'm not rushing into anything - I want to do a good job not just a quick job Dibba
  6. Hello everyone. I am VERY new to budgies so I apologise if this is a silly question. I have been told that one of my crested budgies is a recessive pied. Is it alright to breed him with another pied bird? Thanks for your patience Dibba
  7. Thanks Finnie - I have just posted pics of them. Not the best, but they're not that easy to get close too I am 'fairly' sure they are boys but I will see what more experienced people may have to say
  8. Hello - here are my two cresteds. I am pretty certain that they are male, but would just like some more experienced opinions The yellow faced's cere is very blue but the pied has only a small amount of blue. Any comments appreciated. Thank you. http://i1157.photobu...sandfriendr.jpg http://i1157.photobu...visfrontonr.jpg
  9. Hello everyone I have just joined the forum and dropped in to say 'Hi'. I'm not exactly what you could call a breeder - I only own two budgies - and I'm not even positive on the sex of them both! I thought that this would be a great place to learn about my new birds.
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