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  1. So impressed with the content on this forum and advice I've been given, thanks heaps. I had pet budgies about 15 years ago and have forgotten it all so it's great to get advice from experts without feeling silly asking about basics. Thanks again.
  2. We hope to handle them lots as youngsters but leave the weening to the experts (mum and Dad bird). Im a little nervous about doing feeds. I read through your Taming posts B.J and love them! i think ill print them and use them as a play by play guide.
  3. We are hoping to hand raise /tame our baby budgies. The kids would like to keep one each. Will they stay tame if there is two of them or is i best to only have one tame bird per cage.
  4. Here are three new photos taken this morning , no flash Really appreciate your help
  5. Okay here are a collection of photos taken today in natural light no flash . Last two photos are same as ones already uploaded yesterday and taken with a flash.
  6. oh no we were hoping to breed from her. The kids fell in love with her and the lady at the shop said she was not sure but thought she might be a little girl Does this photo make is any easier
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