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  1. thank you sorry I have not been around I have been very sick dam allergy and asthmatic almost cost my life twice but all is good now
  2. great work an awesome set up
  3. tasbreeder


    welcome to our flock nice to have you here with us
  4. my advice is take the hen out.. even if se does have an egg as said above he cock will raise the chicks when the chicks are eating well by themselves put the chicks into another cage and you an put the hen bird back if se attacks the chicks again don't breed with her again. I would offer her to a pet shop
  5. Hello my budgie friends please feel free to register with us to be a part of an awesome forum there is nothing like learning and sharing with other budgie lovers so please come and join in and don't be scared to ask questions as learning knowledge is always the key to understand these wonderful little birds so please register with us to be able to join in and have some fun along the way if one likes to share photos of budgies with us please feel free to o so we welcome all information regarding budgies I also hope that you enjoy your sty here with us
  6. is there any poop stuck around her vent ? what you could also try is plucking a few feathers away from her vent does she use the feathers as nesting material ? could it be possible to take a photo to show us ?
  7. thank you Kaz I would like to say a big hello to all the budgie lovers of the forum.as my user name says " tas breeder " I live in Tasmania and my name is Fred.I have been into parrots all my life some time ago I scaled all my parrots down and stared with breeding show budgies I have about 200 exhibition birds. if I can help anyone please feel free to ask. I hope to see you all around the board
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