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  1. I now found Ivermectin... Its a injectable solution of 1% in a 2ml vial... Should I use it as a drop on behind her head?? Should I dilute it further with water??? I read some using it pure at 1% and other said dilute it to another 19 part of water.... I really appreciate any help from this forum.... Thanks and God bless us all....
  2. My neighbor just found him in his garden eating grasses... Seeing resemblance from my bird he thought it was mine... Upon seeing the bird, she was a young hen with scaly face and can't even fly high... She won't even reach 6 feet flying to escape... And we agreed that I'll just adopt her and started her treatment... I had her in a separated though small cage to avoid infection reaching my other birds.... What I'm using is Permethrin as a shampoo.... Coz I can't find any ivermectin here.. has anyone tried permethrin with scaly face??? doing research, I read it was as effective as ivermectin but less toxic even to human.... should I wait 2 weeks or 1 week will do to re apply the treatment??? how long before I can see the medication's effect on her??? what can I do if I can't see any improvement on her condition??? here are her pictures... she is quite dreadful and awful... and she is also showing signs of molting feathers in her head.... sorry about the quality of the pics, she actually looks better in these picture than actual... by the way, despite her scaly face and molting... I found her other vitals to be good... she is eating fine, drinking enough, and trying to hard that she can lift her small cage (12x12x12 inches)... and she has the strongest bite a ever had from a budgie...
  3. Maybe relive this thread... May I ask if using mite shampoo is okay??? I can't find any ivermectin here... the only thing I can get is a shampoo with active ingredients of "cypermethrin, piperonyl butoxide, D-limonene... Is this fine to use for Budgies???? My Yellow Dark Eyed Clear is infested with red mite...
  4. Here are some of their recent photos....
  5. These babies are newly adopted from the same owner of my first budgies that are now with eggs since april 7.... Can you please correct me if I'm wrong in identifying them.... First one is a Cinnamon Greywing Hen.... I'm not really sure about this one if its correct... At least I;m sure its a hen.... I believe the yellow one is a Dark Eyed Clear Cock... Judging the lack of other color aside from yellow based and white patches but his eyes are black unlike lutino which are red... Cere is pink which gives me the impression of being male... Sad thing about this dark eyed clear, I had him with damage on his left foot after being bullied by a couple of peach faced which shares their previous cage... I had him in dextrose for 3 days, because he is staying laying at the bottom of the cage, nicely though, the cinnamon greywing is feeding him... (does that also show pairing and bonding from young age??) (they are not closely related) now he start staying at the perch, using the swing, and flying around... one thing I notice is whenever i'm giving him a free flight inside the house, he always bump his head to the ceiling and after sometimes, he seems to be exhausted with panting breathes and his wings are lightly apart... I will start to give him vitamins.... By the way, we named the dark eyed clear Bumble bird...
  6. And if what I know is correct, seeing the eyes are black which are not albino... Albinos have red eyes... Its either a dark eyed clear or lacewing.... Has he already had his first moult??? I also inclined to believe its a lacewing,,,,
  7. there are none... but its always safe to exhaust it completely, knowing even safe gases if burn can be toxic...
  8. I think speed is a dominant pied normal green....
  9. First thing to do is to remove it... Any exploded electrical equipment is a danger to any pet... If you are planning to salvage or repair the lamp, I would suggest bring it to a qualified tech... for them to better see if what part exactly exploded... Or better replace it with new one... by the way, what are you using it for??? I mean are they for winter or incubating youngs???
  10. I see... Thanks for that.... Will just wait until the youngs are fledged.... Another thing is, I noticed they are now no logger nibbling on the cuttlebone or the mineral block, and not even showing interest on the crack egg shells and seashells.... Is it safe if I'll give them instead powdered tablet of 325mg/400iu calcium lactate + Vitamin D3??? Since cuttlebone and eggshells contains calcium carbonate.... Using search, I read about the goodness of Vitamin D3 but can't find anything about calcium lactate introduced to budgies....
  11. You have dragons??? You must be from Westeros... Just kidding... I read this and tried giving mealworms which is commonly called here as superworms... I mixed them in feeding dish with sunflower and oat groats which are their favorites.... But the moment they saw something moving at the dish, my male one panic and didn't even cared even for the sunflower and oats... Maybe its not for mine... But watching their reaction to something new is always fun and worth it.....
  12. Neville, do you think that in photos 4,8 and 10, the male looks like he has spangle wing markings? I'm also seeing that... It seems the markings are inverse in color... Which gives the resemblances of spangles... By the way, they are now with 6 eggs but sadly the first is broken when I saw it last april 7... But the next 6 eggs are all fine and some are even fertile (mag light shows).... My concern now is that the hen is seem having a loose bowel (is that normal?) I mean shockingly huge bowel that the first time I saw it, I mistaken her shat for egg... And I also brought a larger cage with a larger nestbox last april 10, but when I saw the hen inside the nestbox with 2 eggs, I had 2nd thought if its okay to transfer them now... had anyone experienced or tried transferring a breeding bird and their eggs to another cage? will they not abandon their egg or chick??? or should I just let them be and wait for the chicks to leave the nest before transferring them???
  13. Thanks Neville... I was really hoping that you will be the one replying to this... As I read your replies to others... You are a one big help to this forum.... By the way, i was pressing the positive button but it gives me the error that i already reached my maximum though, i haven't given any... Thanks again and keep it up... by the way, i got it right the the hen is opaline dominant pied green... but i was wrong with the cock as i thought to be a clearwing dominant pied green...
  14. Lolz... That avatar is me....
  15. nice though, i quite found it sad to see clipped wings....
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