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  1. okay thanks everyone and i will post more photos as soon as i can find my charger for my camera
  2. thankyou just a quick question how come you say its a a dominant pied everything ive read says they have a band the whole way around there belly this one just has a dot of yellow on one side, just asking so i can understand pieds more
  3. I had no idea he was split ino until, the ino hen hatched
  4. thankyou, the man in my group wrote it all out for me with how to breed one and it would take ages to start from scratch this is what he said and yes i know she is young im hand feeding her and her brother the Rainbow is made up of 3 different Mutations they are the Yellow Type 2 ,Opaline ,Clear wing the following birds will be required a Clear wing cock and hen an Opaline cock and 2 Opaline hens yellow face type 2 cock. the pairs need to set up the following way Clear wing cock x Opaline Hen Opaline cock x Clear wing hen Yellow face type 2 cock x opaline hen from these you will be able to breed a over a couple of breeding seasons you can get a Clear wing Opaline Cock and a DF YF clear wing Opaline hen it is from these two birds that the rainbow will be produced Clear wing Opaline Cock x DF yf Clearwing Opaline Hen gives 100% rainbows there are cominbinations but they are harder to produce the birds required and the number of rainbows is halfed
  5. Hey, I brought a baby budgie yesterday of a friend and we have never seen a budgie that looks like this one and on my budgie group on fb a man has said shes a Rainbow budgie i just want to get other opinions please if these photos arent good enough to tell please let me know and i will take more
  6. Yeah its a pain in the bum when your trying to find out there mutations lol
  7. wow i havent updated this at all i have lots of photos of them growing up Youngest Middle Eldest Mum Dad this photo was taken without flash and in the middle of the day so you could see him better and them older Eldest Middle She was sold at 3 weeks old for handraising Youngest Just some photos of the 2 and Pacqua
  8. yeah i have she hasnt go splayed legs Updated Photos of aqua and patches baby if anyone knows her mutation please let me know Her name is Pacqua but i think she might be a boy as her cere is starting to go like her dads this is her in normal light she is purple in real life but the camera makes her look blue shes in love with one of my other pairs babies
  9. thats what i thought but is it normal for that mutation to have blue feathers to
  10. Hello this is one of my pairs baby and no-one seems to know what his mutation is please can someone help me his mum and dad Him In the same clutch there was an albino hen and a hen that looks like shes going to look the same He has blue and green feathers not just green his beak is still messy cause he was being fed
  11. i put them in with Cinn and for some reason they died in the egg when they had 2 days to go i have new pics of my little baby shes going to be the same colour as hey daddy as her little feathers are coming through and down on her tail is his colour so unless shes going to have different colours on her ( which i dont think she will) shes going to be a mini Patches lol
  12. nah hes not a pied, im learning mutations slowly so i sort of have an idea on what my budgies are, but Speed i have no idea i thought he was just a green but the blue through him made me have no idea lol, Yes Liela is cinnamon And also the picture of just speed hasnt got the flash that is in natural light
  13. hes not a bush budgie i have one of those and he doesnt look anything like him he has blue through the green in him, amy thinks hes a dark green
  14. Liela and Speed have got 6 eggs all but 1 are fertile the 6th one is 2 early to tell so all 6 might be fertile the 1st egg was laid on the 6th april and is due to hatch between the 24th and 26th of April Mum and Dad Speed does anyone know his mutation? And there eggs
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