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  1. i have 2 budgies one i definitely know is a boy but we think that the other one is a girl but her cere is changing colour all the time and i dont know why? but i read that female budgies have stronger jaw muscles than males and she has a really hard bit compared to the male so i am really confused........
  2. okay i got a new baby a few days before christmas and my male startex acting realy werid around it so my female was quite angry and jelous then one day i got them out and the new baby had a funny wing so im not to sure if i should take it out or leave it in we also have a smaller cage incass we need to move it
  3. "However it is normal for a hen losing breeding condition to shed her cere and it can fall off in patches. The cere underneath can be a pale blue to white colour. Some hens can have a lot of build up on there ceres others a thin layer." that is what *Nerwen* posted. i agree with most of it But from the picture showed a pink colour under the brown layer and as u said it is normally pale blue to a white colour. might be wrong but it would be easier if there were better pictures. "I'd be concerned that it's nasal discharge, and a sign of infection." that is what ima.snowbird posted and i also agree with that. have u check it with a vet after u do so tell us what happened. best of luck.
  4. if they are not getting better they might not be eating or drinking try putting a hot water bottle at the bottom of a small cage and put the antibiotics in the water, after a while they will have to drink the water, try it and good luck with it all hope they get well soon.
  5. he seams to be okay but i think because he was molting he looked sick
  6. i don't know if they are symptoms but my bird Baxter is shaking almost all the time unlike my other bird Paige, he is also drowsy even though and he is not a good flyer he is even worse then ever. at first i was worried that he was not eating and drinking, but luckily i saw him eating this afternoon Paige is eating etc, etc. please tell me what is wrong!!!!!!!!
  7. hi and welcome to bbc they might not be female and male. are the cere's pink or are they blue or brown. send us in a picture so we can help.!
  8. the green is a girl from what you have told me because females have a stronger bite than males and the grey is a male i think?
  9. it is 79cm wide and 135cm high? I have a male and a female, the female is still underage will she still show sines of aggression? we only want to add 1 more budgie to the cage is that okay?
  10. it is 135 cm tall and 79 cm wide it is not an aviary but is this big enough?
  11. i have a male and a female the cage is quite big
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