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  1. No worries B.J.! Robyn - I agree! It did sound like that......but then there would be times when he would 'squeak' for a little over a minute at a time, which sounded like more than just seed husk getting caught. Apparently from the swabs of his poo and down his throat they determined that it was gastro. Hopefullllllly there will be some improvement soon. I guess one side effect of having to give him this attention for the last 3 weeks is that he is starting to get used to my hand even more.....I can now get him onto my hand in the cage and bring him out while still standing on my han
  2. We went to the vets today and it wasn't iodine deficiency. He has gastro, and phlegm in his throat and excessive bacteria in his poo. So they have prescribed him medication twice a day..... Bird Junky......I had only had him for a few days and he was starting to squeak so I doubt not having the iodine block would have worked that quickly. I would say that I got him like this from the breeder. But all sorted now. He has his medication plus an iodine block.
  3. I've decided that I'm going to take him to the vet this afternoon. I was sitting with a client this morning in the lounge and I could hear him 'squeaking' for a good minute constantly.....so vet visit this arvo! His tail does bob also, so I think the best will be to just take him in. Thanks Kaz and robyn!
  4. Should the iodine be having an effect by now? He is still squeaking. Might need to bite the bullet and take him to the vets.
  5. I must say I had to giggle when the chemist what I needed it for...... They told me to make sure that it was the right one, as they didn't want me to come back and say that they killed my bird LOL I must say that was on a par with having to go into a chemist and ask for laxative for my cat LOL prescribed by the vet lol Will start him on it tonight How often should I give it to him? Do I keep him on it for a week? or is it a once off?
  6. Sounds like this is the right one.....based on it being called Lugols solution......hopefully lol Don't want to kill my budgie!!!
  7. Am at the chemist. All they have is Aqueous iodine solution apf. Lugols solution. Does that sound right?
  8. So do you just ask the chemist to mix it up? I might head down to the shops now and get some. What amount would you give if they make it up for me?
  9. Just rang the vets.....$90 for initial consult.......hrmmmm...... Wonder whether I should just do the iodine block that you suggested Kaz..... Do you think the squeaking sounds like that could be the issue? He is upbeat separate to this issue....he is singing right now....to the birds outside..... $90 is a lot if it is just iodine deficiency...
  10. Unfortunately not Robyn. I don't have any meds here. I am considering booking in with the avian vets that I have taken my other birds to in the past. I suspect that he came to me with this and the feather mites. I'm kind of annoyed that I bought him like that.....but I would never consider taking him back, as I have now grown attached to him I am tryinggggg to catch him on video doing it, as I just KNOW that once I transport him to the vets he won't do the sound and I will look like I am dreaming things lol The same thing happened when I took him back to the breeders to get advice. As
  11. Vinnie has been making since I got him what sounds like a squeaking sound. It "sounds" like a little cold, and it "looks" like he is coughing as his chest goes in and out. Most of the time there is no sound when he is doing this, and then every now and then there is a squeaking. Could the feather mites that he has (that I am treating at the moment) be causing this? Like irritating him or something? But why would they cause that type of sound. It definitely soundsssss like a squeaking sound.... I just know I am going to have to take him to the vet.....and I have only had him for like 2 w
  12. I was handling Vinnie today, getting him used to my hand and being out of the cage. When I was sitting with him, all of a sudden I started seeing little 'things' crawling around in and under and around his feathers. I first only saw 1, but when I held him closer and ruffled through his feathers I saw quite a few of them. I have had a look through the budgie FAQs section......and I "think" that they are mites........could these hurt him? I need to get something tomorrow to treat it......any suggestions? What are some of the symptoms I need to keep an eye out for? I can't see any irrita
  13. He perked up a lot when I took him out of the cage today! I think he is lonely......I can't have him out of the cage all of the time as I have to work in my office lol He also still keeps on doing this munching kind of thing.....I have never seen another budgie do as much as he does.... It looks like he is rolling something around in his mouth all of the time, and there is a small munching sound as he is doing it.... It escalates and the sound gets slightly louder after he has had a bit of a fly out of his cage..... I am hoping that it is just me being paranoid.........I think I am just s
  14. okay, I came out of my office today to find Vinnie sitting down IN his food bowl....like crouched down in it with his head poking out one side and his tail sitting up and out the other side.....he got out of it as soon as I came outside......it is one of those round open ones that is attached to the side of the cage. This seems really odd to me and makes me question whether he is sick or not? I think he is fretting with missing his place at the breeders. I just don't know what to do. I give him lots of attention during the day. I bring him into the office with me. He is veryyyyy quiet, u
  15. Garlic powder??? Really? how bizarre hehe Never tried it.....tempted though as the novelty is wearing off with having to pick poo out of his bum each morning lol
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