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  1. Hi all, just wondering what is best to put on the base of the cage? My birds always on the bottom eating the seeds that fall out. At the moment I have these natuarl based pellets (almost like cat litter) not sure how to describe it. The pet shop reconmanded it. Just wondering what you use? I went to one shop they said newspaper. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick question. What is the best age to take the babies out of the nest for hand rearing them?? I have 5 eggs that will hatch in a few days. Would like to hand rear them, I have hand rear a bird before just not budgies. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if there is any Budgie shows or clubs in Perth?? Must be some somewhere... im sure once I find them will be a few on! Just need to find them Thanks for your help again Jono
  4. Hi guys, Yes I know this is a Budgie forum and I do breed budgies. But also canaries... I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good fourm like this for canaries? Cant find and Australian Based ones. Thanks Jono
  5. Can we buy it locally or do we have to order off line?
  6. Yeah i love the colours of the blue one.... The dads eye is much better still not 100%. but each day is better.
  7. Babies update! Well two eggs hatched and both parents doing very well . Here is the dad and baby.... Baby one is on the left. Love the colours! and the other one this one is a couple days younger but again doing really well and eating great.
  8. Hi guys! Quick up date... The scaly mites is clearing up but slowly! But had a huge shock today when I did my rounds.... I found an egg! Will post pictures as I go. Hoping for more as I would like to put them in my spare aviary. Thanks
  9. I'll get some better photos when the scaly face is all cleared.
  10. The Vets was good He gave me some ivermectin. Have to give it one drop a week and see how it goes. He said it wasnt too bad so lucky we caught it now. thanks for all your help guys!
  11. Yeah thats why I grabbed them. Should make some nice babies once there are heathy again. He lost intrest in them so got it off him. Add to my family... 2 loirkeets and one budgie
  12. Thanks so much for your help. I have made an apointment and going there tonight. Thanks and will let you know how he does
  13. okay thanks. Yeah I didn't look good and I wanna sort it out ASAP. I'm north of the river. Joondalup area, anyone know a good vet this way?
  14. How can you treat it?? Anything you can buy from pet shop??
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