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  1. Thanks guys for the advice, yes I have been checking the babies regularly and they all seem to be fed which is a good thing, she has been in and out the box most of today eating and cleaning herself then back into the young I will pop a millet spray in the box also to assist her, the babies haven't started to venture out at all to eat but may nibble on the millet in the box, she appears to be calling for her mate alot when she is out poor thing but im sure she will be okay, and yes we have made sure she cannot get loose it was an accident that led to the male getting out our son 15yr was cleaning the cage and didn't notice he had left the door open Thanks again Tinka
  2. Hi guys was just wondering if I could get some advice in what to do, our pair have 4 babies in the nest between 2-3 weeks old, today the male got out and took off and now the female is left alone, will she need help feeding the babies ? the male rarely went into the nest box but would feed her every time she came out, any advice would be great, as we would hate to loose any of the babies, I have hand fed Cockatiels before from 2 days old but never fed budgies, I have some hand raring mix I bought when the 1st egg hatched just in case. we have been hoping that maybe the male will hear the others and come back but unfortunately I think he is gone my son was very upset, we have left some celery and seed out on-top of the cage just incase because he is use to being handle and if he comes for a feed we might be able to get him. anyway any advice on what we should do would be great regards Tinka
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